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Here is some basic information:

Dubravko Ivanšić
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Murray State University
Murray, KY 42071

Phone: 270-809-3552

What is available now:

Fall 2020 teaching:     College Algebra   Calculus 2     Mathematical Reasoning


"On converting a side-pairing to a handle decomposition"
Download: PDF

"Complements of tori and Klein bottles in the 4-sphere that have hyperbolic structure"
Download: PDF

"Hyperbolic structure on a complement of tori in the 4-sphere".
Download:  PDF

Old course webpages
Spring 2020 Calculus 2     Advanced Calculus 2
Fall 2019 College Algebra     Calculus 1     Advanced Calculus 1
Spring 2019
Fall 2018
On sabbatical
Spring 2018 College Algebra     Calculus 3
Fall 2017 College Algebra     Algebra and Trigonometry     Mathematical Reasoning
Spring 2017 Trigonometry     Calculus 1
Fall 2016 College Algebra     Calculus 3
Spring 2016 College Algebra     Real Function Theory I
Fall 2015 College algebra   Mathematical Reasoning    Integration Theory
Spring 2015 Calculus 1   Advanced Calculus 2
Fall 2014 College Algebra   Advanced Calculus 1
Spring 2014 College Algebra with Business Applications   Topics in Topology
Fall 2013 Algebra and Trigonometry   Calculus 3    Introduction to Topology
Spring 2013 Mathematical Concepts    Calculus 1
Fall 2012
Mathematical Concepts    College Algebra    Calculus 3
Spring 2012
Mathematical Concepts    Calculus 1   Linear Algebra
Fall 2011 Calculus 2    Mathematical Reasoning
Spring 2011
Calculus 1    Mathematical Concepts
Fall 2010 College Algebra   Calculus 3
Spring 2010 College Algebra   Calculus 1   Advanced Calculus
Fall 2009 College Algebra   Advanced Calculus
Spring 2009
Fall 2008
On sabbatical
Spring 2008 Calculus 1    Mathematical Concepts
Fall 2007 Algebra and Trigonometry    Calculus 3
Spring 2007
Mathematical Concepts    Calculus 1   Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
Fall 2006
Algebra and Trigonometry    Business Calculus
Spring 2006 College Algebra    Trigonometry
Fall 2005
Algebra and Trigonometry    Introduction to Topology
Spring 2005
Calculus 1   Mathematical Concepts
Fall 2004
Calculus 1   Mathematical Concepts
Spring 2004
College Algebra    Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
Fall 2003
College Algebra    Calculus 3
Spring 2003
Trigonometry    College Algebra    Calculus 2
Fall 2002 Calculus 1    College Algebra

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