Home, 5/5

Our final exam is scheduled for Thursday at 1:30 in our usual classroom.

The final will have six pages and the material in it will strongly resemble our three exams. Thus, to do well on the final, make sure you understand and can do all the problems on the three exams we've had so far. For further practice, rework the joysheets and work on the sample final exam. Solutions to this semester's exams and joysheets are on the "scores and docs" page.

If you need to see me, office hours for next week are (let me know if you cannot make these times):

Mon and Tue 1:00-4:00, Wed 9:30-10:30 &1:00-4:00, Thu 10:30-1:30

Exam 3 turned out reasonably well.

Good luck on finals!

Home, 4/28

Exam 3 is scheduled for Wednesday. It will cover sections 8.1, 8.2 and 8.4. Check out sample exam 4 (all problems) for some representative problems. Note that polar coordinates do not appear on the sample exam, but will be on ours. Use joysheet 7 problems and the homework assignment for guidance on what problems from section 8.4 might look like.

Joysheet 7 is due on Monday. If you did not get yours in class, find it here.

On Friday I will bring your exams back along with final grades. Recall that if you are not happy with the final grade, the final exam, which replaces your weakest exam grade, is an opportunity to improve it.

Home, 4/21

On Monday we continue with section 8.4, and will discuss homework in that section starting on Wednesday. MyMathLab over 8.4 will be posted soon and will be due on Friday.

Exam 3 is scheduled for the last week of classes on Wednesday.

Home, 4/14

MyMathLab in sections 8.1 is due on Monday. We will further discuss homework from section 8.1 on Monday only if there are questions on it. Otherwise, we move on to section 8.2.

Expect exam 3 during the last week of classes, most likely on Wednesday.

Home, 4/8

Exam 2 turned out poorly for a lot of people in the class. Chapter 7 is the hardest one we will have, so that was a part of it. Another part is that attendance has dropped, and section 7.5 got fewer MyMathLab submissions. Many people will have to take the final exam in order to get their grades to the level they were hoping for.

The good news is that chapter 8 is more accessible to students, so you will probably find exam 3 to be easier than exam 2. Also, as you may have noticed, we are constantly revolving around the same dozen basic ideas that keep coming up with small variations, so the final exam does not really cover all that much ground, even though it is over the entire semester.

Home, 3/31

Exam 2 is scheduled for Wednesday. It will cover sections 7.1-7.5. For sample problems check out these problems from sample exams on the "scores and docs" page:

Exam 2: 4-9
Exam 3: all

To help you out with the large number of formulas, sum, difference, double-angle and half-angle formulas will be printed on the exam. All others you will need to memorize.

On Monday, we will take any questions you may have ahead of the exam. If you did not turn in Joysheet 5 today, bring it on Monday.

Home, 3/22

Spring breakers, who is reading this? Well, even if you get to it later, here's a note that you can refer to.

The grade computer has been updated to reflect our course's grade structure. You will need to know all your scores to get your current grade. The outcome should mostly agree with the midterm grade I submitted last week. You may enter hypothetical scores on future exams to see how they affect your final grade.

Sections 7.4 and 7.5 have been assigned on MyMathLab and are due on Friday after spring break. On Monday, we will start with section 7.5, and will then discuss homework over sections 7.4 and 7.5 on Wednesday and Friday.

Recall that in class I announced an exam 2: over sections 7.1-7.5, on Wednesday, April 5th. I'll post more details over what sample problems to look at next week.

Home, 3/10

Section 7.2 is due on MyMathLab on Sunday and section 7.3 is due on Monday.

We will discuss some homework in 7.3 on Monday and then continue with section 7.4.

Joysheet 4 was distributed today - it is due on Wednesday.

Home, 3/3

Sections JIT 21-23 are due on MyMathLab tonight. I moved the deadline for section 7.1 to Monday, since there are a few more problems to discuss in this section, which we will finish on Monday.

Home, 2/24

A new homework assignment has been posted.

To assist us in working with trigonometric expressions, some review of algebra is needed. This is why I have assigned Just-In-Time sections for homework and on MyMathLab (many are due Wednesday, check on them soon). We will discuss JIT 13, 14, 21, 22, and 23 in class, starting Monday, and then homework from section 7.1 on Wednesday.

Exam 1 will be graded for Monday.

Home, 2/17

Exam 1 is scheduled for Wednesday. It will cover sections 6.1-6.3. For some sample exam questions, check out the following problems from sample exams, found on the "scores and docs" page:

Exam 1: all except 5 and 6
Exam 2: 1

Another useful review tool are the joysheets, whose solutions are posted. Make sure you check your work on the joysheets against the solutions, as there are many places you can avoid losing points by familiarizing yourself with a few finer points.

If you did not turn in joysheet 3 today, you can still turn it in on Monday, but to get it back before the exam, you will have to stop by my office.

Home, 2/10

Joysheet 2 was handed out today - it is due on Wednesday. If you didn't get one and would like to have it before Monday, choose "joysheets" and scroll to the last two pages of the file. Solutions to joysheet 1 can be found on the "scores and docs" page.

MyMathLab for section 6.5 and 6.6 will be posted soon, but will not be due before Wednesday.

We are planning exam 1 for Wednesday, 2/22 (week after next). It will cover sections 6.1-6.6.

Home, 2/3

MyMathLab for 6.3 is due Saturday night.

On Monday, we continue with section 6.4. Look over the definition of radians, covered today, before you come to class.

Home, 1/27

MyMathLab for 6.1 is due tonight and the assignment for section 6.2 will be up tonight.

Our first worksheet was handed out today and is due on Wednesday. If you would like to have yours before Monday, choose "joysheets."

Home, 1/20

We will discuss homework from 6.1 on Monday. Check the homework sheet (option "homework") for assigned problems.

MyMathLab assignments will be coming soon (no later than Saturday, and will be due on Friday). If you have not signed up for MyMathLab, now is the time to do so.

Home, 1/17

Welcome to the course! Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of these webpages. To get to other pages, click on "choose..." and select the page: the most often-used pages are near the top of the menu. All documents (homework assignment, solutions to exams, etc.) can be found at the "scores and docs" page. Links to often-used documents (homework, joysheets) are at the bottom of the list.

Since you are already here, now may be a good moment to sign up for MyMathLab. See the instructions on the "mymathlab" page.

These pages will get more content as information becomes available (homework and joysheets have not yet been posted, for example).  Check back often: useful information is provided in the "home" section (which you are reading), typically updated weekly.