Home, 5/11 (last message)

And it's a wrap! The course is over and grades have been submitted!

It was an unusual semester, with just under half of it online. But we managed somehow, and hopefully it was good enough.

It was a pleasure teaching this course, even if half of it was in the form of a broadcast, where I could not see the listeners reactions, but I assume they were at least half-smiling.

Have a good summer and stay safe and virus-free! Hope to see you in person in the fall!

Home, 5/4

Exam 3 turned out pretty well, and it doesn't look like anyone will be taking the final exam

If anyone needs to talk to me, the schedule for when I will be by the computer next week, and will open up an office hour Zoom meeting, is below. If these hours are not good for you, we can make an appointment, but let me know with some lead time. Chances are highest I am not at the computer after 2:00, so may not be able to react speedily to a request.

Monday, Tuesday, 12:00-2:00; Wednesday, 9:00-10:30

Good luck on finals!

Home, 4/25

Exam 3 is scheduled for Thursday, covering sections 7.1-7.3. When studying test knowledge, you may skip over the items that come from section 7.5, which we did not get to cover.

See sample exam 3 for some problems. Problems like A6, B6 and C1 will not be on the exam, as they are from section 7.5.

Exam procedure will be like for the last exam, with a video meeting through Zoom.

On Tuesday, we will wrap up section 7.3, go over some homework from this section and take any questions you may have ahead of the exam.

Home, 4/20

On Tuesday, we will work on section 7.3.

Home, 4/11

Exam 2 turned out reasonably well.

On Tuesday, we will work on section 7.2. Homework over 7.1 is due on Tuesday.

Home, 4/5

On Tuesday, we will finish section 7.1, with homework discussion over this section on Thursday.

Now that I have graded some homeworks electronically, here are some suggestions for easier manipulation of homework files, which will save me and you time.

Exam 2 will be returned on Monday.

Home, 3/28

Well, it appears we have survived the first week of online-only without rioting, virtual or otherwise.

Exam 2 is scheduled for Thursday, covering sections 6.1-6.3. You can find a sample exam in "scores and docs," as well as the requirements on which theorems and definitions to know.

On Tuesday, we will continue with section 7.1 and take any questions about exam 2 that you may have.

A few notes on homework submission: From now on, all homework submission is through Canvas as PDF files, to facilitate easier grading and return.

If you are scanning, resolution of 100dpi has been good enough for exam solutions, so it should be adequate for your homework. (Resulting smaller files are easier to upload and download).

If you don't have a scanner, take pictures with your phone, and try to lay the homework sheet on a flat surface with good lighting. Then use an app to bundle the pictures into a PDF. Some phones have native support for this, for others you can download a free app. Here are some that have been recommended to me: default notes app on the iPhone, Adobe Scan, Tiny Scanner, CamScanner, Notebloc

Reminder of where what is:
Handwritten notes: "scores and docs" page
Recordings of class sessions and notes from class sessions: Canvas, under "files"

Home, 3/21

Here are the guidelines on how class will be conducted, now that we are online-only for the rest of the semester.

Lectures: I will hold class during our usual time via Zoom, which is an app on Canvas. You generally will only hear me and see a whiteboard as I write, to help reduce bandwith use. My handwritten notes (the ones you used to see in my hand in class) will be available in "scores and docs," while the result of my writing on the whiteboard (essentially same as the handwritten notes), and a recording of the Zoom session will be available on Canvas. If you are wondering where files are posted, think this way: files that may have been posted in a face-to-face course will go on these pages, files that may have been posted in an online-only course setting are going to Canvas.

Zoom: for easiest set-up, access it through Canvas, see some instructions at https://murraystate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/2049/Portal/KB/?CategoryID=15240 . To listen in, you will have to download an app and install it. Our first meetings are already scheduled - find them on Canvas under the "Zoom" tab.

Homework submission: will be through Canvas. Look under "Assignments" and submit pictures or scans of your on-paper homework.

Tests: stay tuned until I figure this one out.

Office hours: will be conducted by Zoom. Join in if you need extra help. If you cannot do the scheduled office hour, we can set up an appointment. Note that the office hour schedule has changed somewhat, due to new duties at home.

Office hours are by default public. If you need to speak to me privately, I will set up a session for you.

Naturally, all of this is new to most of us, and there will be issues as we get used to the new method of course delivery. Please have patience and understanding for everyone.

Home, 3/6

On Tuesday, we will discuss some homework from section 6.3, which will be due on Thursday.

Exam 2, covering sections 6.1-6.4 will happen not long after spring break, subject to discussion.

Home, 2/28

On Tuesday, we will discuss some homework from section 6.2, which will be due on Thursday.

Home, 2/22

Exam 1 turned out so-so, although I think most of the problems were familiar. As I have mentioned, Advanced Calculus 2 is a harder course than Advanced Calculus 1.

On Tuesday, we will finish section 6.1 and discuss some homework from this section, which will be due on Thursday.

Home, 2/14

Exam 1, covering sections 5.1-5.4 and 5.6 is scheduled for Tuesday. Check out sample exam 1 and test knowledge on the "scores and docs" page. Problems on the exam will be similar to examples in the book and problems given for homework.

Home, 2/9

On Tuesday, we will discuss homework from section 5.6. and start with section 6.1. Derivatives!

Exam 1 is scheduled for Tuesday of the following week (2/18) and we will take any questions you may have on it on Thursday. Check out sample exam 1 on the "scores and docs" page.

Home, 1/31

Recall that we have make-up class on Monday at 11:30. We will finish our discussion of section 5.6. Homework discussion of section 5.6 is planned for Tuesday.

On Thursday, class is canceled due to several students' participation in Math Day organization.

Sample exams have been posted on the "scores and docs" page.

Home, 1/25

On Tuesday, we will discuss homework over section 5.3 and work further on section 5.4. Section 5.3 will be due on Thursday.

Home, 1/17

On Tuesday, we will finish section 5.2 and discuss homework over it. Section 5.1 is due on Tuesday and 5.2 probably on Thursday.

Have a good long weekend!

Home, 1/14

Welcome to the course! Things will be run much like last semester: same ole book, same ole webpage, same ole rules, same ole instructor, same young students. Surely you liked it when you signed up for another round?