Home, 5/23: last message, somewhat belated

The course is over, the final grades are in!

The final exam turned out quite well.  You can view the statistics and find solutions in the usual place. 
If you use the grade computer to figure out your overall score, you will need your final exam grade, which you can get from me by emailing me from your Murray State account (so that I am sure it is you).

I enjoyed teaching these two courses.  Special thanks to people who participated in class discussion and those who came prepared with questions over the homework.

Have a great summer break, everyone!

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Home, 5/6

The final exam will be comprehensive and will be held in our usual classroom on

Monday, May 9th at 10:30 (class meeting at 11:00, FH 303)
Thursday, May 12th at 1:30 (class meeting at 1:30, FH 300)

Anyone from either class can come to either of those times (but you cannot come to both of them).

The best preparation for the final exam is to make sure that you can do all the problems on the previous exams.  The final exam will be much like those exams.  All the solutions to our exams are now posted as well as a sample final exam from last semester.  This semester there will also be a problem from 6.1 and 6.2 on the final exam as a bonus problem.

The office hours for this week are:

Finals week office hours
Monday 9-10:30, 12:30-3:00
Tuesday 10:00-3:00
Thursday 11:00-1:30

Best of luck on the final exams, and come and see me if you have any questions!

Home, 4/29

Next week we plan to cover 6.1 and 6.2 and will do some review for the final exam.  Homework for 6.1 and 6.2 will be added shortly.

The times of the final exam are published under the "final exam" link at right.  Anyone from either of my two classes can come to either of the two exam times.  However, if you come on Monday, then you will not be able to come again on Thursday, even if Thursday is the regularly scheduled final exam time for your class.

Home, 4/26

Exam 4 is scheduled for this week (see message of 4/21, below, for times).

Anyone from the 11:00 class who would like to get their worksheet 6 back before the exam can see me tomorrow and pick it up.  Solutions to worksheet 6 are now on the solutions page.

Home, 4/21

Exam 4 is scheduled for

Thursday, 4/28 (11:00 class)
Friday, 4/29 (1:30 class)

It will cover sections 5.1-5.4.  A sample exam from last semester is already on the "scores and solutions" page.

Home, 4/15

Exam 3 turned out well.  The class average was good, even though there were few A's (due to that one expected value problem that everyone seemed to have trouble with).  Solutions are now posted.

On the "scores and solutions" page you can find the overall results for both classes for the experiment done on worksheet 5 (tossing a coin 3 times in a row).  Unusually, once everyone's tossing is taken into account (1880 experiments!), empirical probability is not as close to empirical probability as one might think.

Home, 4/6

Newsflash: Exam 3 has been rescheduled (people thought they could use one more class for review)  for

Tuesday, 4/12 (11:00 class)
Monday, 4/11 (1:30 class)

Solutions to worksheet 5 will appear on the usual page later this week.

Home, 4/1

Exam 3 is scheduled for

Thursday, 4/7 (11:00 class)
Friday, 4/8 (1:30 class)

This exam is over chapter 4.  A practice exam is available on the "scores and solutions" pages.

Worksheet 5 is due on Monday (1:30 class) and Tuesday (11:00 class).  Turn in the sheets in groups of 3 or 4 and make sure no one's data is with more than one group.

Home, 3/17

Worksheet 5 has been given out this week.  It is due on Thursday (11:00 class) and Friday (1:30 class) after spring break. If you haven't received it, email me and I'll send it to you.

Have a great spring break and don't entirely forget math concepts!

Home, 3/11

Exam 2 turned pretty poorly as it was over material that is more difficult than exam 1.  Future exams will also be more difficult than exam 1, so you need to spend more time on homework if you want a decent grade.  Solutions to exam 2 are now posted.

We have begun with the next chapter and homework from chapter 4 is now posted.

Home, 3/4

Exam 2 is scheduled for

Tuesday, 3/8 (11:00 class)

Monday, 3/7 (1:30 class).

Make sure you have a scientific or graphing calculator with you.  Cell phones will not be allowed as calculators any longer.

Solutions to worksheet 3 are now available, as is a sample exam, see the "scores and solutions" page.

Worksheet 4 is due next week on Wednesday (1:30 class) and Thursday (11:00 class).

Home, 2/25

Worksheet 3 is due next week in both classes.  If you haven't received yours yet, email me.

We are about to finish chapter 3, so Exam 2 is scheduled for

Tuesday, 3/8 (11:00 class)

Monday, 3/7 (1:30 class).

Next week I will give another worksheet that will involve section 3.5.

Home, 2/18

We are just past the half-way point in chapter 3, so let's start thinking about the exam over it.  I am planning for an exam the week after next, later in the week.

Before then, expect another worksheet or two.

Solutions to Worksheet 2 are now posted on the "scores and solutions" page.

Home, 2/11

Exam 1 turned out well.  You can find class statistics and solutions on the "scores and solutions" page.

Homework assigned for next week is 3.1 and 3.2.  Worksheets handed out in class are due on Monday (1:30 class) or Tuesday (11:00 class).  Email me if you haven't gotten your worksheet yet.  See me if you are having trouble figuring out how to work with your calculator.

Home, 2/4

We start chapter 3 next week.  Homework for that chapter has been posted.  Homework from chapter 1 can be found under "old homework".

Home, 1/28

We finished chapter 1 in both classes and all homework from that chapter has now been assigned.  Next week, we'll have an exam over chapter 1 on

Thursday, 2/3 (11:00 class)
Friday, 2/4 (1:30 class)

Even though the material in this chapter is easy, make sure you study for it.  Why not ensure that you have a good grade on one of the easiest exams during this semester, so that it offsets any weaker grade you might get over future exams over harder material?

You can find a sample exam from last semester in the "scores and solutions" section.  Solutions to this exam are on the internet, too.  It shouldn't be hard to find them.

Remember that you are always welcome to come and ask questions during office hours (see "contact info" for office hours).  You may also consider free tutoring available on campus (see "free tutoring").

Home, 1/21

We finished section 1.1 in both classes.  Homework in 1.1 has been assigned.

This chapter goes quickly, so let's start thinking about exam 1, which I am planning for the end of the week after next.  More details in class as we move along.

Home, 1/18

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of the webpage. The most important links are highlighted.

These pages will get more content as the semester progresses.  Check back often: useful  infomation is provided in the 'home' section (which you are reading), typically be updated weekly.  Homework assignments will be updated when we start a new chapter.

This website applies to both sections of the course.  If there is anything specific to one section, I will so indicate.