Home, 12/9 (last message)

The grades are in!  Everyone should be aware of what they have through either the strip of paper I gave you or an email.  All the files have been updated, so you can find the entire collection of blank exams and solutions on the site, as well as scores for all the worksheets and exams.  You can also view the final grade distribution.

This was one of my best College Algebra classes ever!  Thanks to the many people who contributed to the classroom discussions - it was a pleasure!

Everyone have a great break!

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Home, 11/24

Our final exam is scheduled for Monday at 1:30PM.  A sample final is posted, along with solutions. The final exam is comprehensive and will have 6 pages (like a standard exam and a half).  The best way to prepare for it is to make sure you can do all the problems on our four exams, as the final will cover very similar ideas.

If you are debating whether to take the final, check the grade computer to see what you need to make on the final to achieve the next grade up.  Generally, if you are at the lower end of a grade and don't have one very low exam grade, it will be hard to get a higher grade, since your final exam score will have to be close to 100%.

I will be at the office at 11:00 on Monday if you have any last-minute questions.

Home, 12/2

Exam 4 (in-class portion) is scheduled for Thursday.  Recall that we will meet on Friday in the same classroom, at the same time, to distribute exams and final grades.  This will help you decide whether to take the final exam or not.

Solutions to the population growth problem on the in-class sheet of today can be found with other solutions.

I will be in the office from 11AM on Thursday if anyone needs help with the take-home portion of the exam.

Home, 11/24

For the large majority that wasn't in class today: we finished 5.1 and almost finished 5.2.  Homework from those sections is assigned.

Home, 11/23

Exam 3 turned out average.  You can check out the scores and see solutions in the usual place.

Exam 4 is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 3rd.  In an effort to not burden you too much during the last week of classes, half of exam 4 will be given as a take-home, and half of it will be in class.  I anticipate handing out the take-home part on Tuesday of next week (thus, it will be like a worksheet, but will count for much more.)

We plan to cover the basic problems issues in chapter 5 in the few meetings we have until the end of the semester.

Home, 11/15

Exam 3 is scheduled for Thursday, 11/20.  It will cover sections 3.4-3.6 and 4.1, 4.2 and 4.6. Check out a sample exam in the usual place.

Worksheet 7 is due on Tuesday, and will be graded and returned to you on Wednesday.  Worksheet 8 will be handed out on Monday and will be turned in on Wednesday.  However, if you return it to me by Tuesday, you will get it graded before the exam.

Home, 11/2

Exam 2 materials are now posted.

Since we do not have many weeks of classes left, be aware that the next exam will come pretty soon.

Home, 10/22

In order to deploy another worksheet before the exam (additional feedback, people!), I decided to have the exam on Thursday of next week (10/29).  It will cover material described in the previous post.

We will work on more homework from 3.2 and 3.3 on Monday.  Before the exam we will have opportunity for review, but we will also start a new section that will not be on the exam.

Worksheet 6 was distributed today and is due on Tuesday.  If you didn't get one, and would like to see it before Monday, check out the blank worksheets.

If you are having trouble with any of the material make sure to stop by office hours.  There are tutoring opportunities around campus as well, check out the new file on tutoring.

Home, 10/19

Worksheet 5 is due tomorrow.

We are planning for exam 2 next week, no earlier than Tuesday (stay tuned).  It will cover sections 1.5, 1.7, 2.1-2.4 and 3.1-3.3.  A sample exam and solutions have been posted.

Home, 10/1

Test 1 turned out reasonably well.  You can check the class scores, and get solutions in the usual place.  If you did not do as well as you had hoped, study harder for the next exam and come for office hours for help.

A grade computer has been added for your convenience.  You can enter your scores so far in the course to see what your overall grade is, and how well you need to do on the next exam to keep or improve your grade.  Try it out!  It's easy to use!

Homework has been updated with a list of problems for Chapters 2 and 3.  Worksheet 4, handed out today, is due on Tuesday of next week.

Home, 9/23

Our first exam covering sections 0.2-0.7, 1.1-1.4 is on Thursday, 9/24.  I have three hours of office hours before class time, if anyone needs to see me before the exam.

Solutions to Worksheet 3 have been posted.

Home, 9/17

Worksheet 2 has been returned, and you can find its solutions in the usual place.  Worksheet 3 was handed out on Thursday, due the following Tuesday.  Although you can still get a copy on Monday, some of you (many were not in class today) might find it good to have it earlier.  It is at the end of the file with all the worksheets.

We are planning Exam 1 for Thursday of next week (9/24).  It will cover all the sections we worked on, up to 1.4.  Expect problems like those discussed in class, given on homework or given on worksheets.

Home, 9/14

Problems from Chapter 1 have been added to the homework list.  Please check the homework assignment in the "Course Documents" section.

Worksheet 2 is due on Tuesday, 9/15. Also, let's start thinking about an exam - possibly next week, covering up to section 1.4.

Home, 9/3

Solutions to worksheet 1 and a blank worksheet (if you want to practice before an exam) have been added to "scores and docs".  You can also view how the class did on worksheets.

Homework has been assigned up to 0.5, and I suggested you start looking at 0.6, which we'll go over on Wednesday (recall that Monday is a holiday).

Have an enjoyable Labor Day!

Home, 8/31

Please turn in your worksheets on Tuesday.  If you have not yet received your blank worksheet, you can pick it up tomorrow and turn it in on Wednesday.

So far, we have covered and homework has been assigned up tosection 0.4.

Home, 8/19

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with its layout.  All the files will be in the "scores and docs" section.

These pages will get more content as the semester progresses.  Check back often: useful information will be posted in announcements, typically updated weekly.  Homework assignments will be updated when we start a new chapter.