Home, 5/15 (last message)

The course is over and the final grades are in!  Final grade statistics can be found on the "Scores and Solutions" page.  Solutions to the final exam and all previous graded work can be found on the same page.

Few people (18 in both classes) chose to take the final exam as most were content with the grade they had already earned in the course.  This had an impact on final exam grades (which were weak), as the students who ordinarily got good grades on exams did not take the exam and did not contribute to the average.

I enjoyed teaching the course!  Special thanks go to people who were active in class: they always make my job easier and more fun!

Have a great summer, everyone!

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Home, 5/4

Final exams are scheduled as follows:

class at 10:30AM: Thursday, May 11th at 10:30AM
class at 2:30PM: Monday, May 8th at 1:30PM

You may come to either time (even if it is not scheduled for your class), but if you come on Monday, you may not come on Thursday again.

Recall that the final exam replaces your weakest test grade (and has no impact if it is poorer than the weakest grade), so, if you are looking to get a better grade than you already have, there is nothing to lose by taking the final exam.

The final exam is comprehensive and the best way to study for it is to make sure you can do all the problems on our previous exams and worksheets.  The final exam will have problems very similar to those.  About 10% of the exam will be things we did the last week of class (chapter 5, systems of equations), for which homework has been posted.

Solutions to all the exams and worksheets are posted.  I have also posted the complete set of our
blank exams and worksheets, so you may use them as practice for the final exam.  A final exam from spring '04 is also posted.

If you need any help, make sure to see me during these office hours:

Monday 9:00-1:30
Tuesday 11:00-1:30
Wednesday 11:00AM -3:00
Thursday 9:30-10:30

Good luck on final exams!

Home, 4/28

Next week we finish our material with sections in chapter 5 and elsewhere.  No worksheet will be given this week, but homework problems are assigned.  Next week's material will appear on the final exam in a small part (no more than 10 points out of 70).

Home, 4/21

Exam 4 is scheduled for next week.  More precisely, on:

Thursday, 4/27 for the 2:30 class
Friday, 4/28 for the 10:30 class.

Exam 4 will cover sections 4.2-4.6 and 4.8.  A sample exam is posted: check exam 5 (all problems except for number 6).

Recall that your grade is based on exams 1-4 (+worksheets and participation), so that by doing well on exam 4 you may eliminate the need to come to the final exam.  (The final exam, which is comprehensive, replaces your weakest exam grade if it is better.)  Use the grade calculator to see what you need on exam 4 to get a desired grade.

Worksheet 10 is due on Tuesday ( I forgot to hand it out to the 10:30 class - sorry!)

Home, 4/14

Exam 3 turned out well for the 10:30 class and not so well for the 2:30 class.  You may get solutions in the usual place.

Homework up to 4.3 has been assigned so far.  Next week we'll start with logarithms (4.4), a section many students have trouble with, even though it's not so hard.  Make sure you come to class and do your homework over these problems, because our last exam is around the corner (week of 4/24, later in the week).

Home, 4/7

We finished the week with an exam.   Therefore, there are no new sections to give homework over.

Homework for the upcoming sections is already posted.  Our next exam is coming once we finish chapter 4.

Home, 3/31

Exam 3 is coming up next week on Thursday and Friday.  It will cover sections 3.1-3.4 and 4.1.  Sample exams are provided in the usual place, the relevant problems are:

Exam 3: 9
Exam 4: 1cd, 2, 5,7,8,10

Currently, homework over 3.2-3.4 has been assigned (we will go over them on Monday).  Worksheet 8 is due on Tuesday.

Ahead of the exam, come to office hours if you need any help!

Home, 3/16

Exam 2 turned out pretty well for the 10:30 class, not so well for the 2:30 class.  Solutions to the exam and all the worksheets we've had so far are now posted.

The grade calculator has been updated and is now ready to use.  Enter the scores you've had so far and enter some hypothetical exam 3 and 4 scores to see if you can get the overall grade you are hoping for.

Homework for the coming chapters is posted, but I haven't assigned any new homework (so - enjoy that time off!)

Have a great spring break!

Home, 3/10

Exam 2, covering 1.7-1.9 and 2.2-2.7,  is scheduled for next week!  It will be given:

to the 10:30 class: on Tuesday, 3/14
to the  2:30 class: on Wednesday, 3/15

Sample exams may be found on the "scores and solutions" page.  The relevant exams are:

Sample exam 2 (problems 3, 4 only)
Sample exam 3 (all problems except 2,9)

If you didn't do as well on exam 1 as you had hoped, this is a good opportunity to improve your grade!  Make sure you come to see me for office hours if any material remains unclear.

If you turn in worksheet 7 the day before the exam, I will grade it immediately, so you can have feedback before the exam.

Home, 3/3

Worksheet 6 has been handed out: it is due on Tuesday.  We have now finished section 2.4 (and homework is assigned from it).

It's time to start thinking about our next exam, covering 1.7-1.9 and 2.2-2.7.  We'll have it sometime in the week before spring break, most likely Tuesday, 3/14.  Now is a good time to start looking ahead and preparing for this exam, and - judging by many people's worksheets - you need additional practice with many things.

Home, 2/24

Exam 1 turned out reasonably well, considering that it is one of the harder exams that we'll have (there was a fair amount of computation involved).  You may check the exam statistics and find solutions on the "scores and solutions" page.

We finished chapter 1 and are starting with chapter 2 now (section 2.2).  The new homework assignment has been posted.

Worksheet 5 was distributed this week.  Email me if you didn't get your copy.

Home, 2/10

Exam 1 is scheduled for Thursday, 2/16 (both classes).  It will cover sections R.1, R.2, R.4, R.7,1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6.  Problems on the exam will be like those given for homework or worksheets or done in class.  The exam will have 4 pages (essentially like two worksheets, but just a little shorter).

You can find sample exams on the "scores and solutions" page.  Not all the problems apply to our exam, so work on:
Sample Exam 1 (all except problems 4,7,8,10,11)
Sample Exam 2 (all except problems 3,4)

If you are having any trouble with the material, make sure you come to see me during office hours.  You may also find other tutoring opportunities around campus on the "free tutoring" page.

Last homework assigned was for 1.5.

Home, 2/3

We will discuss homework from 1.1 and 1.2 on Monday.  Make sure you do the problems and ask questions if you have trouble with any problems.

Worksheet 2 did not turn out very well.  The worksheets do not contain the easiest problems from the homework: rather, they assume that you have worked out the problems in the book before you attempt the worksheet.  If you do this, you will get much better scores on the worksheet and will get a better idea of what is going on in the course.

Home, 1/27

Solutions to worksheet 1 can be found on the "Scores and Solutions" page.  There you may also view grade statistics for each worksheet.

Worksheet 2 is due on Tuesday.   We've made it to R.7 so far, and its homework will be discussed on Monday.

Home, 1/20

Homework assigned for next week is R.2.  A worksheet is due next Tuesday: make sure you pick it up on Monday if you haven't received it yet!

Home, 1/17

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of the webpage.  Note that the most important links are highlighted.

These pages will get more content as the semester progresses.  Check back often: useful  infomation is provided in the 'home' section (which you are reading), typically updated weekly.  Homework assignments will be updated when we start a new chapter.

This website applies to both sections of the course.  If there is anything specific to one section, I will so indicate.