Home, 5/12 (last message)

The course is over, the grades are in! You can see the statistics on the scores and docs page, where you will also find all the exams. As it turned out, no one took the final exam.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this class and learned a lot, too! Special thanks go to people who participated in class discussion - you always make my work easier.

Have a great summer!

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Home, 5/11

Exam 3 turned out pretty well.

The final exam, for the few people who are taking it, is scheduled for Friday (contact me to arrange the time). It will be comprehensive - pretty much a collection of problems from our three exams. Since I know which problem every person did on every exam, I will avoid the ones that you already know how to do. This does not mean that the problems will be hard: there were plenty of easy ones that were left undone or poorly done on the previous exams (the theory problems may come from any of the test knowledge sheets). So a good place to start studying is to make sure you can do all the A and B problems on the three exams. All of our previous exams may be found on the "scores and docs" page.

I will be in the office on Thursday, 9:30-11:00 and 1:00-3:30, if anyone needs to see me, or to pick up graded work.

Home, 4/29

Exam 3, covering sections 7.1-7.3 is scheduled for Friday at 2:30 in room 310.

Homework in sections 7.1 and 7.2 are due on Tuesday: if you bring them to me on Monday, you will get them back on Tuesday. Homework for section 7.3 is due by the end of the semester.

I will have the homework for 7.3 and test knowledge posted this weekend.

Home, 4/22

Exam 2 turned out reasonably well.

We'll finish section 7.2 and get started with 7.3 on Tuesday. I'll try to post a homework assignment soon.

Home, 4/15

I haven't had time on Friday to find a classroom for our exam on Monday at 1:00, but will email you on Monday. If somehow you don't hear from me, come in front of our usual classroom, and we'll take it from there. On Monday, I will be in my office 11:00 - 1:00.

Homework for section 4.6 will be due on Thursday.

Home, 4/8

Exam 2, covering 4.2-4.6, is scheduled for Monday, 4/18 at 1PM (we'll find a classroom). Test knowledge has been posted.

Home, 4/3

Homework for sections 4.4 and 4.5 has been posted. We will discuss them on Thursday.

Home, 3/24

Homework for section 4.3 has been posted. We will discuss it on Tuesday.

Home, 3/10

Homework for section 4.2 has been posted. If you are doing #11, distinguish between cases where f is Riemann-integrable versus not Riemann integrable.

Home, 3/7

Exam 1 turned out reasonably well. Homework for 4.1 is due on Tuesday.

We will start with the new section 4.2 on Tuesday.

Home, 2/19

Homework for 3.3 and 4.1 has been posted.

Home, 2/12

Homework for 3.2 has been posted - we will discuss it on Tuesday.

Home, 2/7

Due to missing class last Thursday, we will discuss homework for section 3.1 on Tuesday. We'll try to find a time on Wednesday to make up the lost class.

Home, 1/21

Homework for 3.1 has been posted. Since we still need to finish this section, we will discuss it on Thursday.

Home, 1/21

Homework for 2.7 has been posted. The homework assignment from fall from our book has been copied for the benefit of the student who was not with us in the fall, and will not be turned in.

Home, 1/19

Welcome to the course! Things will be run pretty much like last semester.