Home, 12/14 (last message)

The course is over the final grades are in! You can check all the statistics, including the final grade distribution, on the "scores and docs" page. All the solutions to exams have been posted as well.

I greatly enjoyed teaching this class! Thanks to everyone - and there were several of you particularly active - who participated in class discussion. It only makes my job easier!

Have a great winter break!

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Home, 12/2

Exam 7 turned out OK - you can see the statistics and the solutions in the usual place.

The final exam is on Tuesday at 8:00AM in our usual classroom. It will be comprehensive and longer than our usual exam (six pages instead of four, 150 points). Calculators will not be allowed on the final exam.

Recall that the final exam replaces your two weakest exam grades only if it is better, hence there is nothing to lose by taking it. If you would like an estimate of how well you need to do on the final to improve your grade, check with the grade computer. Also, to improve your total point score, don't forget to turn in homework for 11.3.

The best way to study for the final exam is to look over all the exams we had during the semester and make sure that you can do all the problems on them. The final exam will have problems similar to these. All the solutions to the all the exams and all blank exams have been posted. You may also try the sample final exam: work on problems 1, 2, 4-6, 8, 10-13.

If you need to see me on Monday, I will be in the office 9-4.

Good luck on final exams!

Home, 11/28 (updated 11/29 to reflect ommission of 11.4 from exam 7, homework)

Exam 7 is scheduled for Thursday: it will cover sections 11.1-11.3. Check out sample exam 4, problems 1-6.

Write-ups for 10.7, 11.1 and 11.2 is due on Wednesday. Write-ups for 11.3 will be due at the final exam (Tuesday of next week).

Home, 11/22

Exam 6 turned out pretty well. Check out the solutions and the statistics in the usual place.

Homework for chapter 11 is posted. Try to work on 11.1 during the break.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Home, 11/18

After the exam, everyone can take a little break. Homework over 10.7 will be due with the next homework in chapter 11, which will be posted after we start 11.1.

Our plan for the rest of the semester is to work on chapter 11 (we will cover up to at least 11.3) and have exam 7 over this during the last week of classes, most likely on Thursday. Then I can get the final grades to you on Friday so you can decide whether to take the final exam or not.

Home, 11/11

I forgot to mention in class today: I am planning an exam for Friday of next week, covering 10.4-10.7. Check out all of sample exam 6 for some sample problems.

Write-ups over 10.6 and 10.7 will be due on Wednesday.

Home, 11/4

After our exam today, maybe it's a good idea to take a break. If you can't bring yourself to do it, look at homework in section 10.4 - we'll discuss it on Tuesday. Also, you could go review sections 10.1-10.3, since we will need them in the next few sections.

Home, 10/28

Exam 4 didn't turn out so well, but the additional points on the redo should help you. Solutions and scores to the exam are in the usual place.

Exam 5 is scheduled for Friday of next week, covering sections 10.1-10.3. Look at sample exam 5, problems 1-3, 4acd, 6 for relevant problems.

As we get closer to the end of the semester, check with the grade computer to see where you stand.

Home, 10/14

Exam 4 is scheduled for Wednesday of next week, covering sections 7.1, 7.7, 8.1 and 8.4. Some sample problems: look at sample exam 2, problems 5-8.

Formulas for error estimates (integration techiques and Taylor polynomials) will be on the exam, so there is no need to memorize them, but you have to know the meaning of the letters they contain (like K2).

Write-ups for 8.1 and 8.4 are due on Tuesday, but if you'd like to have this homework back before the exam, give it to me on Monday.

Home, 10/7

Exam 3 turned out pretty well. Check out the scores and solutions in the usual place. Note that there is a column for overall class grades - you can see how well the class is doing at this point.

As it is midterm-grade time, let me draw your attention to the grade computer. Here you can enter your grades to see how well you are doing overall, and what you need to make on future exams in order to get a particular grade. Try it today!

Write-ups for 7.7 and 7.1 will probably be due on Wednesday. Exam 4 will not happen until the week after that, on Tuesday at the earliest...stay tuned.

Home, 9/23

Exam 3 is scheduled for Wednesday. It will cover sections 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 7.6. Check out exam 2, problems 1-4 and the first half of problem 5 for some sample problems. Don't forget to see me for help if you are having trouble with anything.

Write-ups for 7.4 and 7.6 are due on the day of the exam. This time, alas, there will be no time to return them to you before the exam.

Home, 9/19

Exam 2 results are in, and they are pretty good. Check out the scores and the solutions on the "scores and docs" page. Also, I added an "overall" score column: this tracks how many people have what score based on exams and homeworks turned in so far (the asterisk tells you how far).

I anticipate write-ups for sections 7.2 and 7.3 due on Wednesday.

Home, 9/9

Next week, we will have exam 2 on Thursday, covering sections 6.1-6.5. You can find a sample exam on the "scores and docs" page: look at exam 1 there. If you are having trouble, make sure to visit office hours or come to tutoring (see "free tutoring").

On Monday, write-ups are due for sections 6.3-6.5.

Home, 9/2

After an exam, you deserve some rest. The first homework due after the break is on Wednesday over 6.4. Have a fun long weekend!

Home, 8/31

You may find all of my last semester's exams for Calculus 1 here. For our upcoming Exam 1, consider only problems that say "take the derivative, or integral" or have L'Hospital's rule in them. Solutions can be found on the pages of that course (infer the link from our address).

Home, 8/26

Exam 1, covering review of calculus 1, is scheduled for next Friday. The following topics will be on the exam (as illustrated by review sections 3.2-5.6 on the homework list): taking a derivative (all possible functions and rules), equation of the tangent line, L'Hospital's rule, simple integrals and the substitution rule.

For Monday, go over the assignment in sections 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 4.7.

Home, 8/19

Section 6.1 and 6.2 have been assigned for homework - we will go over them in class on Monday. Also work on review problems from 3.2, 3.3 and 3.6.

Today, one student in class showed me a copy of their e-book, whose cover page said "Calculus, early transcendentals", but the content of the book was not this version. If you have an e-book, check that is really the early transcendentals version, by looking at the contents: chapter 1 should have sections 1.1-1.7, and chapter 6 should start on page 374. Not having the correct version will cause a lot of confusion, because the two versions do not have the same problems under the same number!

Home, 8/16

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of these webpages.  Note that the most important links at right are highlighted.  All documents (homework assignment, solutions to exams, etc.) can be found at the "scores and documents" page.

These pages will get more content as information becomes available.  Check back often: useful information is provided in the "home" section (which you are reading), typically updated weekly.  Homework assignments will be updated when we start a new chapter.