Home, 5/12 (last message)

The course is over, the grades are in! You can see the statistics on the scores and docs page, where you will also find all the exams, joysheets and their solutions.

I enjoyed teaching this class, even if, judging by attendance, the same cannot be said for students to the same degree.  Thanks to everyone who participated in class discussion - you always make the class better and more dynamic!

Have a great summer!

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Home, 5/7

Exam 4 turned out reasonably well. Check the class results and look at the solutions on the scores and docs page.

The final exam will take place on Monday at 1:30. It will be comprehensive, and the best way to start studying for it is to make sure you can do problems on all of our exams. A good review would also include going over all of our joysheets. All exams and joysheets and their solutions (except for joysheet 11) can be found on the 'scores and docs' page. Recall that the final exam is optional, so if you are happy with the grade I sent you, you don't have to take it. Taking it involves no risk, too, because it only counts if it is better than your weakest exam grade.

If you need to see me before the final, I will be in the office before the exam on Monday, 10:00-1:30.

Home, 4/29

Exam 4 is scheduled for Friday. It will cover sections 5.1-5.6. - check out sample exam 4 for some representative problems.

Joysheet 10 was distributed today and is due on Tuesday - get yours at link at right if you would like to have it before Monday.

MyMathLab for sections 5.3 and 5.4 is due on Monday. Due to students' troubles with drawing graphs in MyMathLab, I have extended the due date on 5.2 and have given everyone 2 additional tries on the answers.

Home, 4/22

Exam 3 turned out so-so - the smaller number of A's suggests a number of people found it harder, but it's all in a semester's work. You can see the scores and find the solutions on the scores and docs page.

We'll discuss homework in section 5.1 on Monday, and MyMathLab over this section is due the same day.

Exam 4, covering chapter 5, will be on the last day of class (two weeks from today). With the end of the semester coming, everyone's mind is on the final grade: enter your information in the grade computer to see what you need to get on exam 4 in order to get a desired grade overall.

Home, 4/15

Exam 3 is scheduled for Tuesday. It will cover sections 3.1-3.5, 4.1, 4.2. Check out sample exam 3 for some representative problems. If you want more practice, find my personal webpage: it has links to all the courses I taught. Check out College Algebras after fall 2012, which is when we started using the current book.

Joysheet 9 was handed out in class today and is due at exam time. On Monday we will go over homework in sections 3.5, 4.1 and 4.2 and take any questions ahead of the exam. MyMathLab over 3.5, 4.1, 4.2 is due on Monday.

If anyone needs to catch me on Monday (last day to change to audit), I will be in my office 11:00-1:00, and during my usual office hour 1:00-2:30 I will be proctoring an exam.

Home, 4/8

We will discuss homework from 3.3 on Monday (due on MyMathLab the same day). Joysheet 8 was handed out and is due on Monday, check the link at right if you did not get yours.

For exam-watchers (and who isn't?), I am planning exam 3 for Tuesday of week after next.

Home, 4/3

We will finish section 3.2 on Monday. With only five weeks remaining of classes and two exams remaining, they will come at a pretty fast clip. Next one is in about two weeks.

Home, 3/24

What are you doing, reading this? It's spring break - you can relax a little! Especially after the exam.

But we start up again on Monday with section 2.4.

Home, 3/11

Exam 2 is scheduled for Friday, 3/18. It will cover sections 1.3-1.6, 2.1-2.3, and 2.5. Check out sample exam 2, with the exception of problem 8b (that's the part that deals with section 2.4, which we won't have enough time to cover before the exam). If anyone has travel plans for spring break and cannot make the exam, let me know, and we will arrange a time on Friday morning for you to take it.

Joysheets 5 and 6 were distributed yesterday and today in class. They are due on Monday and Tuesday, respectively (get yours at right, if you don't have it already.) MyMathLabs are for sections 2.1 and 2.2 are due on Tuesday, the ones for 2.3 and 2.5 on Thursday.

Home, 3/7

Oops, looks like I forgot to update on Friday. MyMathLab for 1.5 and 1.6 is due on Tuesday.

Home, 2/26

Exam 1 turned out reasonably well. See scores on the "scores and docs" page, where you can also find the solutions. The worrying part about the scores is that many are below 60. Some of those people do not come to class, so it's not surprising. For them, this would be the first step to try to improve their grade. For the ones who come to class and are still getting weak grades, seek out some help - come to office hours, or check out free tutoring on campus (link at right).

We will discuss homework in 1.3 on Monday, and continue with 1.4. MyMathLabs for 1.3 and 1.4 are due on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Home, 2/19

Joysheet 3 was distributed in class today (due Tuesday). If you would like yours before Monday, get it at right.

Exam 1, covering section R.1-R.7, 1.1, 1.2 is scheduled for Tuesday. The exam will have problems similar to homework and joysheets. Check out sample exam 1 on the "scores and docs" page.

Home, 2/12

Joysheet 2 was distributed in class today. If you would like yours before Monday, get it at right. Solutions to joysheet 1 have been posted in "scores and docs."

Exam 1, covering section R.1-R.7, 1.1, 1.2 is scheduled for Tuesday, 2/23. Sample exams have been posted, check exam 1 on "scores and docs". When you practice working on the exam, limit yourself to 50 minutes to see how well you do with a time limit - this will be a good measure of your preparedness, too.

Home, 2/7

On Monday, we will discuss homework in section R.6. which will continue into Tuesday. On Tuesday, we'll start discussing homework in R.7.

Home, 1/29

On Monday, we will finish discussing section R.4. The MyMathLab homework for R.4 is due on Monday. I expect to distribute our first worksheet on Monday.

Home, 1/21

Since Friday is snow day, try to use the suddenly available time to get signed up for MyMathLab: click on "mymathlab" at right for instructions.

Homework is a collection of problems from the end of each section in the book and a corresponding assignment on the online homework system MyMathLab. We will discuss homework in sections R.1 and R.2 on Monday, and it will be due on MyMathLab on Tuesday (along with the orientation section). The list of homework problems to work on can be found at the link "homework" at right.

Currently, on MyMathLab, the entire semester's homework set has been assigned with due dates at the end of May. Please note that these due dates will be changed to earlier ones as I assign them in class.

Have fun in the snow!

Home, 1/19

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of these webpages.  Note that the most important links at right are highlighted.  All documents (homework assignment, solutions to exams, etc.) can be found at the "scores and documents" page. Links to often-used documents also appear in the menu bar at right.

Since you are already here, now may be a good moment to sign up for MyMathLab. See the instructions at the link at right.

These pages will get more content as information becomes available.  Check back often: useful information is provided in the "home" section (which you are reading), typically updated weekly.