Home, 5/12 (last message)

The course is over, the final grades are in!   You can view the final exam statistics on the usual page, and find the solutions of the final (not that many will care...)  You can also see the final grade distribution on the "scores and docs" page.

I am sorry that the grade computer did not become operational during the semester.  I finally tried to put it together last week, but could not get it to work properly, so you never saw it.  When I iron out the bugs, I will put it here, just so I can say "better late, than never".

It's been a great pleasure to have you in this class!  Thanks to everyone who participated in class discussion: you helped a lot!

Everyone have a great summer!

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Home, 5/3

Exam 7 had the best average score so far!  Scores and solutions are posted in the usual place.

If you did not have a chance to pick up exam 7 and final grade on Monday, you can find me at the office during the hours listed below, or you can email me to find out your grade.  Make sure you email me from your Murray State account, so that I know it is you.

As you recall, the final exam replaces your weakest two exams only if it is better, so there is nothing to lose by taking the final exam.  The final exam will have 6 pages (as opposed to 4 for a regular exam), will be comprehensive, and will essentially consist of problems that were given on our four exams, with some numbers and functions changed.  Note that the final will not have as many pure "find the derivative" problems as there have been on exams in the past, as I am assuming we have acquired the skill of taking a derivative.  It will be more geared at applications of derivatives that we have learned.

Thus, the best way to start studying for the final is to make sure that you can do all the problems on the exams we had so far. You can find solutions to all exams, as well as all blank exams (if you wish to practice) on the "scores and docs" page.

Should you need any help, I will be in the office during the following hours the week of final exams:

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Office hours

Home, 4/30

We will meet in our usual room on Monday at 12:30 to return exam 7 and give out final grades to everyone, so you can decide whether to take the final.

Here is the schedule of office hours for next week.

Home, 4/19

We finally broke through the 65% average on Exam 6!  Here's to doing it even better next time!   You can find the solutions and statistics in the usual place.

Our last exam is scheduled for Friday, 4/30, covering 4.9 and chapter 5.  After that you will receive your grade in time for you to decide whether to take the final exam.

Home, 4/9

Exam 6 is scheduled for Friday, 4/16.  It will cover sections 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and 4.9, if we get to to 4.9 before the exam.  Since sign charts and critical points will be part of exam problems, it would be useful for you to redo such problems from exam 5 (problems 1, 4, 5, 6) and check your answers against the solutions posted in "scores and docs".

Looking ahead, we will have exam 7 during the last week of class, probably on the last Friday (4/30).  I will grade it quickly and you will get your final grade in time for you to decide whether you should take the final exam to improve your grade.  The final exam is on the Wednesday of final exam week.

Home, 3/5

Exam 3 scores and solutions have been posted - our averages could be better. Let's not get discouraged yet, as there are more exams coming (and with them opportunities to earn points).

Exam 4 is scheduled for next Friday, 3/12, covering 3.8-3.11 and 4.1, tentatively.  Make sure to stop by office hours if you are having trouble.  Also, since the next exam will also focus on the skill of taking the derivative, a good start to prepare for exam 4 is to make sure you can do everything on exam 3 well.  There is a blank exam 3 for you to download and practice.  It is on the "scores and docs" page, where you can also find solutions to exam 3.

Home, 2/16

Exam 2 improved scores from exam 1, but the scores are still not where we would like to see them.  Let's keep working on that homework!  Solutions and scores can be found in the usual place.

Let's plan for our next exam on Friday of next week, tentatively covering 3.3-3.8.

As of this writing, homework has been assigned up to 3.3.

Home, 2/6

Exam 1 turned out poorly.  You can see the statistics on the "scores and docs" page.  If you haven't yet turned in your corrections for up to 10 points extra on the exam, make sure you do it on Monday.

Homework problems for chapter 3 have been posted.  Nothing is assigned yet (but will be on Monday) - you can check them out if you would like to look ahead.

Our second exam is on Friday, 2/12, covering at least 2.5, 2.6, 3.1 and 3.2 (I will let you know in class).

Home, 1/26

Free tutoring information has been added.  If I find out about other tutoring opportunities, I will post them.

Our first exam is on Friday - I will let you know in class what it will cover.

Home, 1/15

Content has been updated a little, most importantly, office hours information has been posted.

Section 1.2 (review) has been assigned as homework, "due" on Tuesday.

Home, 1/12

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of these webpages.  Note that the most important links at left are highlighted.  All documents (homework assignment, solutions to exams, etc.) can be found at the "scores and documents" page.

These pages will get more content as information becomes available.  Check back often: useful information is provided in the "home" section (which you are reading), typically updated weekly.  Homework assignments will be updated when we start a new chapter.