Home, 12/20 (last message)

The course is over, the final grades are in!

The final exam grades could have been much better, but this seems to happen every time on the final exam, probably because of the volume of material that needs to be reviewed in a short amount of time.  Overall, however, your points added up and I think more or less everyone received the grade they were hoping for.

Final exam solutions are on the "Scores and solutions" page.   You may also find the final grade statistics there.  If you use the grade computer to figure out your overall score, you will need your final exam grade, which you can get from me by emailing me from your Murray State account (so that I am sure it is you).

I greatly enjoyed teaching the course!  Special thanks to people who regularly participated in class discussion and who came prepared with homework questions: they made my work easier and more interesting!

Happy holidays and have an excellent break!

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Home, 12/10

Exam 4 turned out well, with your second highest average so far. 

The final exam will take place on Thursday, 12/16 at 1:30 in our usual classroom.  The final exam is comprehensive and the best way to study for it is to make sure you can do all the problems we had on previous exams. 
Solutions to all the exams and worksheets are now posted.   Due to a student request, I am also posting blank exams so you can use them for practice.

Office hours for next week are as follows:

Finals week office hours
Monday 11:00-3:00
Tuesday 9-10:30, 1:00-3:00
Thursday 9:00-1:30

If you cannot make any of these times, contact me and we'll make an appointment.

Best of luck on final exams!

Home, 12/3

Exam 4 has been moved to Wednesday, 12/8.  It will cover sections 5.1-5.4.

Solutions to worksheet 5 will be available on Monday.

Home, 11/22

We are well in chapter 5, with only two more sections to go.  Homework has been assigned up to 5.3.  Our next exam will be either on Friday, 12/3, or Monday, 12/6.

Have a great Thanksgiving break, but don't forget our course completely - do the homework!

Home, 11/15

Exam 3 went pretty well.  You can find scores and solutions to the exam on the usual page.

Homework for chapter 5 is now posted.

Home, 11/8

Everyone looked a little dazed today when we did problems from 4.4, so I decided to postpone the exam for Friday and do some more problems on Wednesday.

Thus: exam 3, over 4.1-4.4 and 4.7 is scheduled for Friday, 11/12.

Home, 11/5

We finished 4.7 today (having skipped 4.5 and 4.6), which completes the chapter.

Exam 3 is coming up on Wednesday, 11/10, over sections in chapter 4 that we covered.  On Monday, we'll look at some homework problems and do some review.  Come with prepared questions.

Solutions to worksheet 4 are now available on the 'scores and solutions' page.

Home, 10/29

We just started 4.4, which leaves only one section in chapter 4.  This means a test is near, most likely Monday, 11/8.

Work on homework from 4.3 for next Monday.

Remember to vote on Tuesday!  It's important!

Home, 10/21

I handed out a worksheet today that is due on Wednesday.  If you didn't pick it up, make sure you do it on Monday, or email me for the worksheet.

Home, 10/14

Hope everyone is having a nice fall break.   Since the exam just wrapped up a chapter, we haven't gone over any new material over which you would have homework.  Thus, sit back, enjoy the break and relax, as far as this course is concerned.  But come back ready to start studying for the next chapter, beginning right after we return from break.

I've finally added the "grade computer" feature.  You enter your grades so far, and it tells you your overall grade, and what you need to get on the next exam in order to achieve a target average.  You can enter as many hypothetical grades from the future as you wish to see what effect they will have on your total grade.  Try it!  (Click "grade computer" at right.)

Home, 10/8

Since we didn't have much time to go over homework in 3.5, we decided that having exam 2 on Wednesday,  10/13 will be a better idea.  Thus, exam 2, is scheduled for that Wednesday.

If you are not finished with worksheet 3, you can turn it in on Monday.

Home, 10/1

We have 3.5 remaining in chapter 3.  We'll do this next week, along with going over some homework.   Exam 2, over chapter 3, is scheduled for Monday, 10/11.

Next week, expect a graded homework assignment.

Home, 9/24

We are well in chapter 3 now and have just started 3.3 today.  Do homework from 3.2 for Monday, and we'll look at some problems in class.

Make sure you go over any
calculator mistakes you made on Worksheet 2.  Since you will have to use the calculator for computation in chapter 3, it is essential that you know how to enter the various operations correctly.  Solutions to worksheet 2 will be posted shortly.

Home, 9/20

Exam 1 has been graded, and almost everyone did well (average is 90%).  Good job class!  Solutions can be found on the "Scores and Solutions" page, as well as results of the "how to get rid of Bullynator" poll.

Home, 9/17

We started chapter 3 on Friday.  The new homework assignment for the entire chapter is posted.  Start working on 3.1.  We are planning a calculator worksheet on Monday, so make sure you bring a scientific calculator to class on that day.

Sorry I did not get to grading your exam by Friday. I will have them on Monday.

Home, 9/13

Exam 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/15.  It will cover sections 1.1-1.4.  We did little in 1.5, so there will be litttle of 1.5 on the exam, perhaps a bonus question.  Otherwise, expect questions like on homework or on the worksheet.

Probably everyone will agree that the material we had so far has been pretty easy, and it is the easiest of the stuff we'll do this semester.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't study much - on the contrary, you should make sure that you nail this one to protect yourself against any weaker grades on a future exam over harder material.

Solutions to the worksheet and grade statistics can be found on the 'Scores and solutions' page.  Make sure you come and see me if anything is unclear or I can help you in any way studying for the exam.

Home, 9/3

We are done with 1.4, which leaves only one section in the chapter on Voting methods.  Do homework in 1.2 and 1.3 over the long weekend and we'll go over it in class on Wednesday.

On Friday of next week we'll have a worksheet in class in order to review the voting methods we had so far.  Our first exam will be the week after next.

Results of all of our in-class votes can be found on the "scores and solutions" page for your
amusement and enlightenment.

Home, 8/27

We are pretty much done with section 1.1.  Do the homework in that section (homework has now been posted for the whole chapter).

Home, 8/25

Welcome to the course!  Look around to familiarize yourself with the layout of the webpage. The most important links are highlighted.

These pages will get more content as the semester progresses.  Check back often: useful  infomation is provided in the 'home' section (which you are reading), which will typically be updated weekly.  Homework assignments will be updated when we start a new chapter