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Purchasing Card

  • The Murray State University Purchasing Card Program has been established to provide a more efficient, cost-effective method for purchasing and paying for small dollar-value transactions within established usage limits. The Program is designed for small dollar-value purchases and payments $2,500 and under.
  • Each recipient of a Murray State University Purchasing card is required to attend a training session conducted by Accounting and Financial Services. The training focuses on the basic use of the card and the responsibilities associated with it. Training sessions are held by Accounting and Financial Services for first time cardholders and for anyone requesting a refresher course.


Procedures for Temporary Increase of Purchasing Card Limit
Occasionally a higher limit is necessary for certain purchases and a request needs to be granted in writing through Procurement Services.

  1. Cardholder emails request for temporary increase to supervisor/budget manager
    Request must include:
    - Amount of increase (rounded to nearest whole dollar)
    - Justification for increase
    - Last four digits of card number

  2. Supervisor/budget manager forwards request to:
    Chart 1 - Beth Ward lward10@murraystate.edu in Procurement Services
    Chart 2 - Ellen Dale edale@murraystate.edu in Foundation
    (Foundation forwards to Procurement Services)
    VP approval needed for expenditures in excess of $2,500.

  3. Procurement Services will advise the cardholder of approval or denial.
    The cardholder may be required to contact the bank to release the transaction if it is declined or flagged due to the amount.

  4. After the transaction is complete, the cardholder must send the receipt showing paid to Jennifer Thorn jthorn@murraystate.edu in Procurement Services.


Purchasing Card Application (PDF)

Asset Information Form (PDF)

Other releated Purchasing Card information is located in the Accounting Purchasing Card support documentation.