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Types of Contracts

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Special Service Contracts (SSC)

Special Service Contracts (SSC) contracts are established for contractual services where no competition exists.

Examples of typical special services:

  • Lecturer/Writer
  • Performing Artist
  • Expert Witness
  • Guest Speaker/Professor
  • Event Judges
  • Stipends

A Special Service Contract Form between the University and the individual or firm must include:

  • What services are to be provided
  • Date(s) the service(s) are to take place
  • How services are to be invoiced
  • What expenses will be allowed
  • Signature from the authorized department head and contractor
  • Any other pertinent contractual or grant information
  • Look to see if the individual or firm is in Banner as a vendor
  • If not in Banner as a vendor, foward the Vendor Information (VI) Form for completion

  • Submit the following COMPLETED documents to Procurement Services for a contract number:

    Procurement Services will then issue a "Contract Number"

    A copy will be returned to the department, which will be the department's notification that work may commence.

    Return the following completed documents to Procurement Services for Payment:

    • Special Service Contract Form
    • Independent Contractor or Employee Status (ICE)
    • Invoice

    NOTE: Special Service forms must be submitted no later than 10 days prior to commencement of services.


    Price Contracts (PCT)

    Price Contracts (PCT) are established when it is determined there is a continuing need for certain types of products or services with no guaranteed quantity. These contracts are usually established after issuing a formal Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal (RFP).



    Personal Service Contracts (PSC)

    A Personal Service Contract (PSC) is an agreement whereby an individual, firm, partnership, or corporation is to perform certain services requiring professional skill or professional judgment for a specified period of time at an agreed upon price.  If after reviewing the below examples of Personal Service Contracts and you believe that your purchase requires a PSC; please call 270-809-4090 for a determination.

    NOTE: Software Development may or may not be subject to the Personal Service Contract process contingent on the work being performed. Contact Procurement Services for questions regarding software development or web design.

    Examples of Personal Service Contracts:

    • Accounting/Auditing
    • Appraiser
    • Architect & Engineering
    • Auctioneer
    • Consulting Services
    • Executive Search Firms
    • Insurance Adjustors
    • Legal Services
    • Licensed Medical personnel
    • Web Design & Development
    • Other professional services if a license or legal authorization is required

    Government Approval:

    Personal Service Contracts must be approved by the Government Contract Review Committee of the General Assembly (LRC). Therefore, it is important that Procurement Services be contacted as soon as it is known this type of contract is needed. There is usually a Request for Proposal Process before a contractor can be hired. Additionally, these types of contracts require University Counsel and University Presidential approval.

    An approved requisition will be required before Procurement Services will begin work on contracting for a Personal Service Contract.

    Personal Service Contract Invoice form:

    After the PSC is active, vendors must submit the below form with each invoice submitted for payment relating to the work performed under the PSC.



    Kentucky State Contracts

    Kentucky State Contracts are established by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and may be used by all state agencies. These contracts may be used in the same manner as the Murray State University established contracts.


    Kentucky Educational Purchasing Cooperative (KEPC) Contracts

    The Kentucky Educational Purchasing Cooperative (KEPC) Contracts result from a bid or RFP issued by one of the Kentucky Universities, which is extended for use by the other Kentucky Universities if they wish to purchase from these contracts.