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KRS 57.011 State Printing Done Under Contract – Classes of Printing

KRS 57.021 Printing By State Agency – Restrictions

KRS 57.091 Contracts Approved by Governor

No off-campus print jobs will be processed without prior approval of MSU Printing and Publications and MSU Procurement Services.

  • Printing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is governed by the above referenced KRS Statutes.
  • KRS requires each printing job performed by an outside contractor be on contract and receive the specific approval of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

NOTE:  MSU Purchasing Cards cannot be utilized for print job or quotes.


Printing Request Process

Printing Quotes under $40,000:

    Contact MSU Printing and Publications to see if they can meet your printing needs.

    If MSU Printing and Publications is unable to process the order, a contracted printing suppler may be utilized. Printing and Publications will contact contracted vendors for a quote.

    They will then provide the quote to the department. It is the department’s responsibility to create a requisition.

    The requisition must be sent to Procurement Services with all proper approvals.

Printing Quotes over $40,000:

    Procurement Services is required to bid quotes exceeding $40,000 between existing print vendors.

    Follow the same steps for obtaining quotes under $40,000. Once you have the quote, send it and the requisition over to Procurement Services. Please make sure all proper approvals are included.

    Once Procurement Services receives all appropriate documents, they will issue the bid documents.