Welcome to Procurement Services

Become A Vendor

In order to be added to Murray State University's price contract listing, vendors will need to respond to and be selected through a bid process. Interested vendors should go to https://www.murraystatebids.com. An account can be created at that site to receive notifications of all bids as they are issued.

Once a vendor is selected by either Procurement Services or a department, that campus entity will provide to the vendor a Vendor Information Form for completion or the vendor may provide a completed IRS W-9 form. Do not submit either form unless instructed to do so by Murray State University. Vendor Information forms and IRS W-9 forms should only be submitted upon award of a contract or purchase order. Either form can be submitted to Procurement Services for the purpose of adding or updating a vendor record in our accounts payable system. If submitting an IRS W-9 form, please be sure that the appropriate address for check payments is provided.