The Caudal Vertebrae


                                                    (1)  Pre-zygapophysis                                        (4)  Cheveron Bones

                                                    (2)  Post-zygapophysis                                      (5)  Transverse process

                                                    (3)  Neural Spine

     The caudal vertebrae of the American alligator number in the 60's and can vary between specimens.  The vertebrae consist of the usual pre- and post-zygapophysis, neural spines, and transverse processes, however these diminish as you go down the length of the alligator.  The caudal vertebrae also lack ribs and bear cheveron bones.  These cheveron bones (as seen in the picture) look to articulate ventrally to the inter-vertebral region.  The cheveron bones also diminish as you go down the length of the alligator until they eventually disappear.  


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