The Appendicular Skeleton


Pectoral Girdle and Forelimb


                                                                                            (1) Scapula                   (5) Ulna

                                                                          (2) Coracoid                 (6) Carpals

                                                                          (3) Humerus                 (7) Metacarpals

                                                                          (4) Radius                    (8) Phalanges

The pectoral girdle in simple consisting of the coracoid and scapula.  There is an episternum (interclavicle) however it is not ossified in this specimen.  The connection of the coracoid and scapula create a primitive glenoid fossa.  The carpals, in this specimen consists of three found bones; the radiale (the larger hour-glass bone), the ulnare (the smaller hour-glass bone), and the pisiform (the small round bone). 


Pelvic Girdle and Hind-limb




                                                                                                       (posterior)                                                                                             (anterior)

(1) Femur                                                                                                                  (8) Sacral Ribs

(2) Fibula                                                                                                                   (9) Illium

(3) Tibia                                                                                                                    (10) Neural Spines

(4) Metatarsals

(5) Phalanges

(6) Epipubis or pubis

(7) Ishium


The pelvic girdle is fairly primitive due to the lack of fusion.  The pelvic girdle consists of two sacral vertebrae and the usual illium, ishium, and epipubis or pubis which connects with the abdominal ribs.  There is also the presence of sacral ribs due to the lack of complete fusion with the sacral vertebrae.


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