Author Submission Guidelines:

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Corresponding Editor to be considered for publication. All manuscripts should conform to the Society for American Archaeology style guide, except that the Spanish abstract is not required.

A 100 to 150 word abstract should be used to introduce each paper. The Editor will assign accepted manuscripts to one of three categories: Article, Report, or Comment. Papers that are accepted as Articles typically include manuscripts that present data, a synthesis of research, and the conclusions of the research. Reports are shorter in length than Articles and tend to be more specific in content. For example, a summary of excavations at a site would be considered a report. Comments either provide new information of relevance to an article previously published in the Journal of Kentucky Archaeology or correct significant errors contained in previous articles.

Authors may request either of two levels of review. For a Tier I review, at least two of the Editors and two members of the Editorial Board (or other peer reviewers with expertise as appropriate to the subject matter) will review and comment on the submission. The Corresponding Editor will collate all reviews and communicate acceptance, requests for revision, or rejection to the author. Tier I review is usually expected of Articles.

For a Tier II review, at least two of the editors will review the manuscript and jointly recommend acceptance, revision or rejection. Tier II reviews are usually expected of Reports and will streamline the acceptance process. Each paper published will be footnoted with submission date, acceptance date, and review tier.

Comments will be reviewed by at least two of the Editors and, if accepted, will be shown to the author(s) of the previous article so that they may reply to the comments. The comment and reply, if given, will be published in the same volume. Book Reviews will be considered as equivalent to Comments.

The editors will make the final decision on whether to accept or reject a paper based on comments from the reviewers, appropriateness of the paper to the Journal , or other issues they they deem pertinent.

It is the responsibility of the author to secure any permissions to use or reuse previously published material.

Manuscripts and correspondence should be sent to: Kit Wesler , preferably as email attachments.

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