About the Journal of Kentucky Archaeology

Purpose: The Journal of Kentucky Archaeology publishes original papers on the archaeology of Kentucky. Papers in anthropology, folklore, historical geography, and architectural history of interest to Kentucky archaeologists will also be considered. Papers on subjects outside the state of Kentucky, but with direct relevance to Kentucky, will also be considered.

The Journal will be provided on-line as an electronic format journal. It will be produced in full-color in a multimedia format, allowing for .pdf, html, Powerpoint, audio and video formats, and available free for download. Live links will be permitted, and experimental formats are encouraged.

The Journal will be published on the web on a semi-annual basis (Spring and Fall) if article submission and acceptance volume warrant.

Kit W. Wesler, Corresponding Editor
Lara K. Homsey, Associate Editor
Anthony L. Ortmann, Associate Editor
Lori M. Roe, Associate Editor

Editorial address:
Kit W. Wesler
Department of Geosciences
334 Blackburn Hall
Murray State University
Murray, Kentucky 42071
phone: 8270-09-3457
fax: 270-809-3892
email: kwesler@murraystate.edu

Editorial Board:
Darlene Applegate, Western Kentucky University
Andrew Bradbury, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.
Kelli Carmean, Eastern Kentucky University
R. Berle Clay, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.
George M. Crothers, University of Kentucky
Kristen Gremillion, Ohio State University
Richard W. Jefferies, University of Kentucky
Bruce Manzano, University of Kentucky
Henry McKelway, AMEC Earth & Environmental
Nancy Ross-Stallings, AMEC Earth & Environmental

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