Mammalian Stances: Plantigrade, Digitigrade, and Ungligrade

Mammals have three stances based upon how the bones in their feet touch the ground.  These stances are plantigrade, digitigrade, and unguligrade.  They are represented here by the squirrel, the cyote, and the deer.  These stances each have their own benefits and are each suited for different tasks.  Things that are affected by these stances include biomechanics, bone length ratios, and phalangeal formulas.

Biomechanics Overview
Bone Length Ratios
Phalangeal Formulas
Squirrel Biomechanics

Squirrel Phalangeal Formula
Coyote Biomechanics

Coyote Phalangeal Formula
Deer Biomechanics

Deer Phalangeal Formula