Click here to see pictures from my July/August 2001 trip to Australia

At the December 1999 Math Club/Pi Mu Epsilon Christmas Banquet, discussing Murray State history with my great uncle,  Hunter Hancock (1910 - 2003).
Dr. Hancock was a longtime chair of the MSU Biology Department, and it was his vision that brought the Hancock Biological Station to Murray State.

MSU Memorial Service for Dr. Hunter Hancock, March 2003.
On my right (second from the left on the front row) is my grandmother Mary Emily Hancock Wilson (b. 1914).

My children Rose, Luke, and Amelia on the MSU Campus, June 2014.

With my bro at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC for a NASCAR race, May 2002.
Mark Martin won the race. Ryan Futrell (NASCAR fan and lit/writing professor at Cedarville University) took the photo.

In Murray with my former advisor Bob Proctor of the University of North Carolina, November 2007.

At Bronte Beach in Sydney Australia with Norman Wildberger, August 2001.

At Corvette Bowling Lanes, February 2002.
I'm keeping score with Wyatt Alverson, a former master's student and current mathematics lecturer at MSU,
as the Math Club bowls against students from the Honors Program.

At Land Between the Lakes, June 2008.
Officiating the wedding of Waytt Alverson and Beth Doss.

To my right is Bob Proctor (former advisor, UNC), and to my left is Matt Gilliland (a former master's student). November 2007.

Five sevenths of the coauthors of an amazing paper gather at Gloria's in Murray, Kentucky, November 2007.
Left to right: Bob Proctor, Rob Donnelly, Bob Pervine, Wyatt Alverson, and Scott Lewis.

On the campus of Murray State, November 2007.
Left to right: Wyatt Alverson, Bob Pervine, Scott Lewis, Rob Donnelly, and Bob Proctor.


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