Red Fox

Red Fox Copyright Art Slack
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This small canid (36"-46" long, 8-15lb) has an elongated, pointed muzzle, large, pointed ears, and a long, heavily furred, bushy tail.  The upperparts are reddish-yellow, becoming slightly darker on the back, and the tail is also reddish-yellow mixed with black and tipped with white.  The cheeks, throat, and belly are whitish but the feet are black.  There are also several different color phases that may occur, like black, silver, etc.  Ref foxes are found through much of North America except for parts of the Great Plains.  It is unclear whether the red foxes we have in the United States are native or introduced from Europe. They may have hybridized, or it may be the most of the foxes we see are introduced.  Red foxes prefer the borders of forest and adjacent open lands.  They sleep on the ground for most of the year, but make a den for the young.  Home range is 3-10miles in diameter.  They are mainly nocturnal but are also seen during early morning and late evening.  They feed primarily on rabbits and other mice, but occasionally on other small mammals, birds, and plant matter.  Foxes are trapped for their fur.