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Kentucky Convergence Conference - Nov 13-14
Register now for the most innovative conference event of the year! Sessions at the 2014 Kentucky Convergence Conference will focus on instructional technology innovations, best practices for higher education technology support, current issues for academic librarianship, shared concerns for Kentucky institutions and advances in online learning and instructional design. The conference will be November 13-14 at University of Louisville. Register now for Early Bird pricing at http://www.regonline.com/kentuckyconvergenceconference. View the full schedule online.

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Move offices or buildings this summer? Take a new position? Help us share your new info with the campus by completing the Telephone Directory Update Form. Not sure if your information is complete? Visit People Finder and search for your name to verify your information is up-to-date.

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College Courts Fiber Cut
Update - 9/12/14 @10:54pm

A temporary solution to restore Internet access to the affected areas of College Courts is now in place. Permanent repairs to the fiber cut could take up to two weeks to complete. The following blocks were affected: CC100, CC200, CC300, CC400, CC1000, CC1100, and CC1200.