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Technology Service Catalog - Now Available!

A new site, called the Service Catalog, is now available on RacerNet, myGate, the Support Site, and the Quick Links on Murray State's homepage.

If you called or emailed Information Systems, the Service Desk, or TSCS for technology support in the past, you’ll be able to request the same support through the Service Catalog. Think of it as a comprehensive technology catalog: a ticketing system where you can submit and review your service requests at any time, regardless of Service Desk hours, and a support site where you will have quick access to user guides and instructions.

After you put in a request for technology support or a service, you will be able to track the progress made and receive confirmation when the request has been completed.

We will continue to add more technology services and look for ways to improve everyone’s experience with the Service Catalog. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have a question or a need and do not find a relevant technology service, please let us know by using the We’re Listening! link on the Service Catalog Home page and at the bottom of every service.

The Process

   - On RacerNet, myGate, the Support Site, or the Quick Links on Murray State's homepage, click on the Service Catalog link.
   - Click on the Request Assistance button to find the service through its related category 
     Click on the Search button to type in keywords and locate the service or Knowledge Base article that best meets your need.
   - If you see a Request This Service button, you can log in with your myGate account, fill out the online form to create a ticket, and track its progress through the View My Requests button on the Service Catalog Home page.


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The new University Event calendar can be found at http://www.murraystate.edu/calendar/.

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