3.5"-8", the largest frog in North America.  Green to yellow above with random mottling of darker grey.  Large tympanum, which is larger in males than females.  No dorsolateral ridges.  Belly cream to white, may be mottled with gray.   Male often has a yellow throat.  Voice: Several calls, but deep pitched eeeerrruuum is conspicuous.  Very aquatic; prefers ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams with lots of vegetative cover.  This is a primarily nocturnal species that is known to consume small birds and snakes.  Breeds from May to July in this area, and are prolonged breeders, with females often having two clutches of eggs peryear.  Males defend territories; the largest males have the best territories for the offspring development in terms of temperature and egg survival.  Most frog legs come from bullfrogs, but attempts at commercialization have led to introductions throughout the world, much to the demise of native species.