Necturus Muscle Quizzes

 By: Ashley Cowan and Juliana Patterson CVA 2008   

    The following quizzes are designed to test student knowledge of the muscular system of the mudpuppy (Necturus). The quizzes are intended for post-dissection self-evaluation in order help indicate the material on which you need to further focus. This is not created to be a substitute for devoting time to  your specimen or learning the musculature, but a study aid to facilitate more efficient learning.

    The following muscle identification quizzes are comprehensive for the axial, appendicular, branchimeric, and hypobranchial musculature a student must know for this class. A high score indicates ability to identify muscles; it does not indicate complete knowledge of the muscular system (function, origin, insertion, etc).




    The muscle function quiz asks the function of randomly selected muscles. It is not comprehensive, but is a representative sample, much like lab tests.  If you do well, it does not necessarily mean you know all of the muscle functions, but you may have an understanding of muscle function from each group of muscles.


    This review quiz is set up similarly to a lab practical from the experience of former students. This is not necessarily what will be asked, but the questions indicate what to expect and how to further focus studies. It is not comprehensive, but is a representative mixture of identification questions and knowledge of muscle function from all of the mudpuppy muscle categories.  Recieving a high score on this quiz indicates that your studies are aimed in the right direction, but it does not necessarily indicate you have a complete mastery of the system.


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