Comparing Sciuromorph and Myomorph Jaw

Characteristic Groups


Brittney Viers and Jacob Marquess

Name:  Prairie Vole, Microtus ochrogaster

Order:  Rodentia

Family: Muridae

Subfamily: Arvicolinae

Weight: 3/4-2 oz.

Total Length:  4 3/4-7 3/8in. 

Skull Length:  1-1 1/8in.

Skull Width:  1/2-5/8in.

Distribution:  Midwest stretching to OK, AK, west KY and TN up to the north central U.S.

Habitat:  Upland herbaceous fields, grasslands, thickets, fallow fields, under shocks of corn and small grain, and along fencerows

Foods:  tender stems, leaves, roots, tubers, flowers, seeds and fruits of grasses, sedges, and other succulent plants

Name:  Beaver, Castor canadensis

Order:  Rodentia

Family: Castoridae



Total Length:  34-54in.

Skull Length:  4 1/2-5 1/2in.

Skull Width:  3 1/8-4in.

Distribution:  Inhabits all of the U.S. except for southern CA, NV and FL

Habitat:  In and along streams, rivers, marshes, and small lakes

Foods:  In spring and fall half of the diet consists of woody veg. and the other half nonwoody, in summer, woody veg. decreases slightly and increases to 100% in the winter



Evolutionary Differences Between Beaver and Prairie Vole


Comparison of Jaw Muscles

Comparison of Skulls