Milk Snake


14"-20" long, a highly colorful and variable species with three subspecies in Kentucky.  May have reddish brown, black-bordered blotches down the back, or is colorfully ringed and blotched with red, orange, black, or yellow.  The eastern Milk Snake had a light Vor Y-shaped mark on the nap of th eneck.  The Red Milk Snake has a light neck ring with large dorsal blotches.  The Scarlet Kingsnake has a red snout with alternating bands of red, yellow, and black that usually continue across the belly.  This species is found throughout eastern, midwestern, and parts of teh western U.S., in a diverse range of habitats.  They are secretive and usually not seen in teh open except at night, but can often be found under rotting logs, stumps, etc.  They eat small rodents, birds, and snakes (including venomous ones).  Name comes from the bleief that it milks cows!!!