Common Fish of Kentucky Photo Gallery

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kyhybridstripedbass.gif (38835 bytes) kyspottedbass.gif (67456 bytes) largemouth.jpg (35623 bytes) rockbass_konrad.jpg (117569 bytes) emsmallmouthbass_ScottNiemela.jpg (67849 bytes)
Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Kentucky (Spotted) Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rock Bass, Smallmouth
kystripedbass.gif (34005 bytes) kywhitebass.gif (45302 bytes) bluegill.jpg (106260 bytes) embowfin.jpg (35669 bytes) brooksilverside_Konrad P. Schmidt.jpg (33482 bytes)
Bass, Striped Bass, White Bluegill Bowfin Brook Silverside
kysmallmouthbuffalo.gif (30709 bytes) blackbullhead_Konrad.jpg (66737 bytes) emyellowbullhead_Konrad.jpg (39648 bytes) carp_Konrad.jpg (50389 bytes) kygrasscarp.gif (14089 bytes)
Buffalo, Smallmouth Bullhead, Black Bullhead, Yellow Carp Carp, Grass
bluecat_Konrad.jpg (26460 bytes) kychannelcat.gif (46984 bytes) kyflatheadcat.gif (46563 bytes) kycreekchub.gif (7012 bytes) blackcrappie_Konrad P. Schmidt.jpg (76532 bytes)
Catfish, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, Flathead Chub, Creek Crappie, Black
kywhitecrappie.gif (26648 bytes) emrainbowdarter_Konrad.jpg (57092 bytes) kyfreshwaterdrum.gif (38856 bytes) emeel_garold w. sneegas.jpg (59863 bytes) kyflier.gif (13166 bytes)
Crappie, White Darter, Rainbow Drum, Freshwater Eel, American Flier
kylongnosegar.gif (28586 bytes) kyspottedgar.gif (21500 bytes) kyskipjackherring.gif (11425 bytes) kychestnutlamprey.gif (34114 bytes) kylogperch.gif (12111 bytes)
Gar, Longnose Gar, Spotted Herring, Skipjack Lamprey, Chestnut Logperch
Bluntnoseminnow_Konrad.jpg (53536 bytes) kymooneye.gif (30186 bytes) emmuskellunge_Konrad.jpg (59162 bytes) kypaddlefish.gif (16182 bytes) pickerel.jpg (32729 bytes)
Minnow, Bluntnose Mooneye Muskellunge Paddlefish Pickerel, Chain
grasspickerel.jpg (32537 bytes) kypumpkinseed.gif (19185 bytes) goldenredhorse_Konrad.jpg (113422 bytes) sauger.jpg (74499 bytes) kygizzardshad.gif (34497 bytes)
Pickerel, Grass Pumpkinseed Redhorse, Golden Sauger Shad, Gizzard
kythreadfinshad.gif (36135 bytes) kygoldenshiner.gif (20457 bytes) kystripedshiner.gif (20883 bytes) stoneroller_Konrad.jpg (34476 bytes) emshovelnosesturgeon_Konrad.jpg (35776 bytes)
Shad, Threadfin Shiner, Golden Shiner, Striped Stoneroller Sturgeon, Shovelnose
kynorthernhogsucker.gif (18436 bytes) emspottedsucker_Konrad.jpg (61311 bytes) emwhitesucker_Konrad.jpg (67572 bytes) kygreensunfish.gif (65071 bytes) emlongear_Konrad.jpg (60326 bytes)
Sucker, Northern Hog Sucker, Spotted Sucker, White Sunfish, Green Sunfish, Longear
emorangespottedsunfish_Konrad.jpg (60145 bytes) kyredbreastsunfish.gif (17852 bytes) redearsunfish1.jpg (161783 bytes) embrooktrout.jpg (79956 bytes) embrowntrout.jpg (46382 bytes)
Sunfish, Orange Spotted Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Redear Trout, Brook Trout, Brown
trout_rnbw2.jpg (42002 bytes) emwalleye_Konrad.jpg (51030 bytes) kywarmouth.gif (35871 bytes)
Trout, Rainbow Walleye Warmouth




Photo Credits

The following photos are complements of Konrad P. Schmidt:

Rock Bass, Brook Silverside, Black Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead, Carp, Blue Catfish, Black Crappie, Rainbow Darter, Bluntnose Minnow, Muskellunge, Golden Redhorse, Stoneroller, Shovelnose Sturgeon, Spotted Sucker, White Sucker, Longear Sunfish, Orange Spotted Sunfish, and Walleye.

American Eel Photo by Garold W. Sneegas

Smallmouth Bass Photo by Scott Niemela

Most of other photos were taken from Kentucky Fish, a fish identification guide put out by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. 

Photos not taken from this source and not credited above are complete with the copyright of the owner.