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Plenary talk/Semi-Plenary talk/Topology in Data Science Workshop     expand all    show talk times

Hussam Abobaker     A Survey of the Set Function T     PDF
Henry Adams     Topology in Data Science Workshop     PDF
Ana Anušić     Local structure of inverse limit spaces     PDF
Aleksandr Berdnikov     Parsimonious cones     PDF
Lei Chen     Actions of Homeo and Diffeo groups on manifolds     PDF
Steven Clontz     Limited information strategies for infinite-length games     PDF
Spencer Dowdall     Dynamical invariants via universal trees for free-by-cyclic groups     PDF
Andrew Dykstra     Symbolic Dynamical Systems of Linear Complexity     PDF
Vera Fischer     Combinatorial sets of reals and their spectrum     PDF
Olga Kharlampovich     Automorphisms of free group and first-order properties of tuples of elements     PDF
Christopher Leininger     Polygonal billiards, Liouville currents, and rigidity     PDF
Piotr Minc     A planar continuum with a simple dense canal under each embedding in the plane     PDF
Ronnie Pavlov     Entropy and factors of subshifts on amenable groups     PDF
D. Columba Pérez Flores     On Countable Dynamical Systems     PDF
Iian Smythe     Equivalence of generic reals     PDF
Jing Tao     Classification of surface homeomorphisms     PDF

Continuum Theory    expand all    show talk times

Jernej Činč     On minimal rigid continua     PDF
Tavish Dunn     Inverse limits involving set-valued functions with an intermediate value property     PDF
Sina Greenwood     Path-connected inverse limits of set-valued functions on intervals     PDF
Rodrigo Hernández-Gutiérrez     Almost rigid smooth fans     PDF
Logan C. Hoehn     Shortest paths in plane domains     PDF
Alejandro Illanes     Continua with unique cone     PDF
Teja Kac     Big and large continua in inverse limits of inverse systems over directed graphs     PDF
Boštjan Lemež     3-cell as the inverse limit of a set-valued function indexed by the integers     PDF
Wayne Lewis     100+ Years of Indecomposable Continua     PDF
David Lipham     Endpoints of the Lelek fan     PDF
Marcus Marsh     Weak chainability of arc folders     PDF
Veronica Martínez de la Vega     Topological Mixing and UPE     PDF
Joe S. Ozbolt     Planar Embeddings of the Knaster \(\Lambda V\)-Continuum     PDF
Robert Roe     Open Diameter Maps     PDF
David Ryden     Generalized Inverse limits and the Intermediate Value Property     PDF
Murat Tuncali     Maps of rank \(\le\frak m\) revisited     PDF
Edward Tymchatyn     Inverse systems with simplicial bonding maps and cell structures     PDF
Scott Varagona     Inverse Limits with Smith Functions     PDF

Dynamical Systems    expand all    show talk times

Sourav Bhattacharya     Very Badly Ordered Cycles of Interval Maps     PDF
Alexander Blokh     On cutpoints of subcontinua of polynomial Julia sets     PDF
Javier Camargo     The \(\omega\)-limit function on dendrites     PDF
Jernej Činč     Topological properties of Lorenz maps derived from unimodal maps     PDF
Van Cyr     Complexity thresholds for the emergence of dynamical properties in symbolic systems     PDF
Ian Grigsby     On Various Notions of Shadowing in Noncompact Spaces     PDF
Scott Kaschner     Bifurcation Phenomena in Quadratic Rational Maps     PDF
James Kelly     Linear Operators with Infinite Entropy     PDF
Judy Kennedy     Characterizations of \(\mathcal{P}\)-like continua without the fixed point property in terms of open covers     PDF
Krystyna Kuperberg     Flows with bounded trajectories on non-compact 3-manifolds     PDF
Daniel M. Look     An Infinite Sequence of Wall-to-Wall Sierpiński Carpets for \(z\mapsto \lambda\left(z+\frac{1}{z}\right)\)     PDF
David McClendon     Speedups of \(\mathbb{Z}^d\)-odometers     PDF
Jonathan Meddaugh     Dynamics in shift spaces with countable alphabet     PDF
Lex Oversteegen     Laminations and their critical portraits     PDF
Rachel L. Rossetti     Quadratic rational maps that preserve an infinite measure     PDF
Samuel Roth     Dynamics on dendrites with a closed set of endpoints     PDF
Sandeep Chowdary Vejandla     Parameter space of Cubic Symmetric Laminations     PDF
Jim Wiseman     Persistence of combinatorial Morse decompositions     PDF
Kitty Yang     Mapping class group of miminal subshifts     PDF

Geometric Group Theory     expand all    show talk times

Ulysses Alvarez     The Up Topology on the Grassmannian Poset     PDF
Simon André     Acylindrically hyperbolic groups and elementary equivalence     PDF
Lvzhou Chen     Dynamical methods in the study of big mapping class groups     PDF
Matthew B. Day     Calculating the virtual cohomological dimension of the automorphism group of a right-angled Artin group     PDF
Sami Douba     2-Systems of arcs on spheres with prescribed endpoints     PDF
Eduard Einstein     Relatively Geometric Actions on CAT(0) Cube Complex     PDF
Elizabeth Field     Trees, dendrites, and the Cannon-Thurston map     PDF
Meng-Che Ho     Rationality of Growths of Groups     PDF
Jingyin Huang     Higher rank Morse quasiflats     PDF
Justin Lanier     Recognizing topological polynomials by lifting trees     PDF
Marissa Kawehi Loving     Automorphisms of the k-curve graph     PDF
MurphyKate Montee     Cubulating random groups at density \(d<3/14\)     PDF
Jean Pierre Mutanguha     Irreducible endomorphisms of \(F_n\) are hyperbolic     PDF
Thomas Ng     Constructing free semigroups in cube complexes     PDF
Mark Pengitore     Residual Finiteness and Strict Distortion of Cyclic Groups in Solvable groups     PDF
Jacob Russell     The local-to-global property for Morse quasi-geodesics     PDF
Chandrika Sadanand     Rigidity of hyperbolic polygonal billiards and hyperbolic cone surfaces     PDF
Jordan Sahattchieve     Extensions of Stallings's Fibration Theorem     PDF
Saldaña Sánchez     Groups acting on trees and the Eilenberg-Ganea problem     PDF
Takamichi Sato     Isomorphism between the stabilizers of finite sets of numbers in Thompson's group \(F\)     PDF
Hung C. Tran     Divergence of finitely presented groups     PDF
Yvon Verberne     Constructing pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms using positive twists     PDF
Derrick Wigglesworth     Algorithmic Detection of Geometric Automorphisms of \(F_n\)     PDF

Geometric Topology     expand all     show talk times

Alexey Balitskiy     Waist estimates via the Urysohn width     PDF
Neeraj Kumar Dhanwani     Commuting conjugates of finite-order mapping classes     PDF
Jerzy Dydak     Visual boundaries of geodesic spaces     PDF
Robin Elliott     The bar and cobar construction in Quantitative Topology     PDF
Hanspeter Fischer     On the failure of the first Čech homotopy group to register geometrically relevant fundamental group elements     PDF
Greg Friedman     What is sheaf cohomology?    PDF
Jonah Gaster     Discrete harmonic maps     PDF
Craig Guilbault     End sums of open manifolds     PDF
Dubravko Ivanšić     Kirby diagrams of general Cappell-Shaneson 4-spheres     PDF
Justin Katz     Spectral rigidity for certain principal congruence covers of arithmetic surfaces     PDF
Curtis Kent     Covering fibrations     PDF
Noureen Khan     Topological conformation of DNA bound by virtual coloring     PDF
Matthew Lynam     Inverse systems and \((m,n)\)-dimension     PDF
Dídac Martínez-Granado     Characterizing intersection numbers     PDF
Michael Mihalik     A Finitely Generated Group with Non-Semistability Fundamental Group at \(\infty\)     PDF
Christian Millichap     Symmetries and Hidden Symmetries of Sufficiently Twisted Knot Complements    PDF
Atish J. Mitra     The space of persistence diagrams on n points coarsely embeds into Hilbert Space     PDF
Molly Moran     Model Z-Geometries    PDF
Christoforos Neofytidis     Gromov-Thurston norms for circle bundles and for fibrations over the circle     PDF
Margaret Nichols     Taut sutured handlebodies as twisted homology products     PDF
Leonard R. Rubin     Čech Systems and Approximate Inverse Systems     PDF
Chandrika Sadanand     Heegaard splittings and square complexes     PDF
Nick Salter     Framed mapping class groups and strata of Abelian differentials     PDF
Kevin Schreve     Towards a Generalized Tits Conjecture for Artin groups     PDF
Jamie Scott     Postnikov Essential Manifolds     PDF
Jeremy Siegert     Boundaries of coarse proximity spaces and their dimension     PDF
Bena Tshishiku     Symmetries of exotic negatively curved manifolds     PDF
Sahana Vasudevan     Distribution of Triangulated Riemann Surfaces in Moduli Space     PDF
Angela Wu     Weak Tangents of Metric Spaces     PDF

Set-Theoretic Topology     expand all    show talk times

Dennis Burke     A space \(Z\) paracompact in ZFC; CWN screenable Dowker in ZF+AD     PDF
Christopher Caruvana     The Lie ring of analytic functions on a punctured disk     PDF
William Chen-Mertens     Selectivity properties of spaces     PDF
Alan Dow     Remarks on tightness, pseudoradiality, and cellular Lindelöf     PDF
Jacob Dunham     Downward subsets of partially ordered spaces and their relation to Mahavier products     PDF
Todd Eisworth     Convergence and Pseudopowers     PDF
Jared Holshouser     A Tool for Comparing Selection Games     PDF
Akira Iwasa     Preservation of maps by forcing    PDF
Peter Nyikos     Applications of the moving off concept     PDF
Strashimir G Popvassilev     On some base and monotone covering properties     PDF
Ted Porter     Monotone Covering Properties in Scattered Spaces     PDF
Girish Sajjanshettar     (s, gp) - Open and (s, gp) - Closed functions     PDF
Alexander Shibakov     Ideals in countable groups     PDF
Paul Szeptycki     Bisequential and Absolute Fréchet     PDF
Vladimir Tkachuk     Polish cofinality and some completeness properties     PDF
Jerzy Wojciechowski     Lineability of the functions that are Sierpiński-Dygmund, Darboux, but not connectivity     PDF

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