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Quote of the month:

Ah!  Sometimes gunpowder smells good.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Congratulations to Wesley Boyarski and
Thomas Monroe for being elected secretary 
and treasurer for this year!

The next meeting of the year will be
Wednesday, September 18 at 5 p.m.
in the Tennessee Room, Curris Center.
Plans will be made for the year.
Invite your friends!

The annual fall Calloway County Republican
Party picnic is scheduled for Saturday,
October 19 at Howard Brandon's farm 
on U.S. 641 south of town.  U.S. Senators
McConnell and Bunning, as well as
Rep. Ed Whitfield have been invited,
along with state Senator Bob Leeper.



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  • Constitution Notebook Program - The site promotes on- and off-line self-study of the US Constitution
  • History of resignations of famous world leaders is given in Resignation calls, letters, articles and debates. 
  • The Federalist  is a concise, highly acclaimed email journal of anecdotal rebuttal to contemporary political, social and media liberalism. For free subscription click here.
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      Project VoteSmart: extensive information on members of Congress. 

  • AllPolitics, sponsored by CNN and C-SPAN.
  • One of the best places to go for specific bill information and other info about the legislative process is Thomas, the Library of Congress legislative information server.
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  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute - conveying the values and institutions that sustain a free society.
  • Murray State University - Home of the Racers
  • Pi Sigma Alpha -Political Science Honor Society has some great links to internships.
  • Advisor - Home page

  • stripe

    Matthew McArthy
     Vice President 
    Sarah Johnson
    Wesley Boyarski
    Thomas Monroe


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