Phil Schooley Phil Schooley
Telecommunication Systems Management
years at MSU: 11

The candidate was presented with the following questions. The responses are printed as received and have not been edited by Staff Congress.

1. What do you perceive as the responsibilities of the Staff Regent?
The foremost responsibility of the Staff Regent is to serve as a link between the Board of Regents, the administration, and all staff members. Open communication and an amiable working rapport among these three groups are vital to Murray State's well-being as a University. It is the Staff Regent's responsibility to be aware of and understand the issues facing Murray State and how these issues affect the Murray State staff across the spectrum of the main and satellite campuses. The Staff Regent's duty is to keep the staff informed of the issues and to convey the staff's needs and concerns to the administration and to the Board of Regents.

2. Do you understand the governance of the Board of Regents and how you would serve in that capacity? Explain.
I am currently serving my third year as Staff Regent on the MSU Board of Regents which has given me the background and experience to thoroughly understand the governance of the Board of Regents and what this encompasses in reference to the service of the Staff Regent.

3. Serving as Staff Regent requires time commitments during the normal work hours (8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.), nights and weekends. Are you aware of the time commitment involved, and will you be able to devote this time and still perform your regular work duties?
I am aware of the time commitment involved with serving as Staff Regent. My Staff Regent responsibilities and my regular work duties have blended smoothly during my first term as Staff Regent, and I feel that they will continue to do so if I am elected for a second term.

4. Describe the most important work or University service experiences which will assist you in being an effective Staff Regent.
Since coming to Murray State, I have served in a variety of capacities which has made it possible for me to develop a productive working relationship with MSU staff members campus-wide as well as affording me the beneficial experience of working with the Faculty, the Administration, the Board of Regents, and the Community Leaders. I have gained insight into the concerns of each of these groups which has enabled me to work effectively with them to move MSU forward.

5. Have you served in campus governance before and if so, how long and in what capacity? (example Staff Congress, Faculty/Staff Insurance and Benefits Committee, etc.)
Staff Congress --- 2006 - 2009
Parking and Transportation Work Group --- 2007
Staff Congress President --- 2008 - 2009
Faculty and Staff Insurance and Benefits Committee (acting representative) 2008 - Present
Faculty/Staff Leadership Committee 2008 - Present
Staff Regent to the MSU Board of Regents --- 2009 - Present
I am serving or have served on the following BOR Committees:
2009 - 2010 Board of Regents Standing Committees:
Academic Affairs
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Faculty/Staff Affairs
International Relations
Student Life
2009 - 2010 Board of Regents Ad Hoc Committees & Appointments:
BOR Policy Manual
Presidential Evaluation
2010 - 2012 Board of Regents Interim Standing Committees
Academic Affairs
Enrollment Management and Student Success
Regional Services
2010-2012 Board of Regents Ad Hoc Committees and Appointments
NCAA Liaison

6. If elected the 2012-15 regent, what will be your top goals to benefit MSU staff?
I want to be a strong voice to promote and protect the interests of the Murray State University staff members. I want to continue to work with the Staff Congress, the Administration, and the Board of Regents to assure that projects and policies are in place to aid the staff. I wish to be an advocate for every staff member and want all staff members to feel free to contact me at any time.