Staff Congress election

This year's election is only available through myGate. The Voting Instructions link on this page can guide you through the online voting process. Voting begins at 12:01 a.m., Tuesday, April 25. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m., Thursday, April 27.

Meet the candidates!

Group A--Secretarial/Clerical (vote for two)
Marion Hale, Journalism and Mass Communications
Trish  Lofton, Curris Center Administration Office  
Laura Lohr, University Libraries  

Group B--General/Facilities Management (vote for two)
Mark Prusaczyk, Facilities Management
write-ins accepted in this category
winning candidates must meet eligibility requirements

Group C--Executive/Managerial/Professional (vote for two)
Duane Dycus, Information Systems
Parker Griffith, Athletics
  Mary-Elaine Horn, RAO
  Maria Rosa, Transfer Center

Group BVC--Breathitt Veterinary Center (vote for one)
Jami Carroll, BVC - Virology

At Large (vote for three)
Roy Dunaway, Murray State Police Department
April Lax, Accounting & Financial Services
Leanna Linn McClure, Veterans Affairs
Kendrick Quisenberry, Recruitment
  Tressa Ross, COEHS TQI
Tim Williams, Post Office
Mandy Youngblood, Office of the Registrar

Sample Ballot

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Voting Instructions

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FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions

Election Results (available after voting ends)

If you have questions relating to the voting process, please call Orville Herndon at 270-809-4491 or email him at