Staff Congress election

These are the final numbers. The vote counts for the BVC tie has been changed to reflect the vote count in the runoff election held May 28-29.

Meet the candidates!

Group A--Secretarial/Clerical (vote for two)
Marion Hale--98 votes--elected
Teressa Hill--32 votes
Laura Lohr-Dziekonski--85 votes--elected
Michelle Maness--24 votes

Group B--General/Facilities Management (vote for two)
Robert Long-Mendez--40 votes--elected
Tim Jaeger--write-in candidate, elected
30 write in votes were received. Those receiving write-in votes were, in alphabetical order: Timothy Jaeger, Darcie Liddle, Joshua Mathis, John Posey

Group C--Executive/Managerial/Professional (vote for two)
Shanna Burgess--86 votes--elected
Abigail French--55 votes
Wesley Hughes--42 votes
Chris Jeter--44 votes
Maria Rosa--74 votes--elected

Group BVC--At Large-Breathitt Veterinary Center (vote for one)
This category is limited to Breathitt Veterinary Center employees.
Jami Carroll--15 votes--elected
Lisa Willis--13 votes

At Large (vote for three)
Brad Corbin--135 votes
Tressa Ross--161 votes--elected
Logan Stout--148 votes
Rhonda Timmons--179 votes--elected
Tim Williams--188 votes--elected

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Election Results

If you have questions relating to the voting process, please call Orville Herndon at 270-809-4491 or email him at