Stephanie Totty
Bauernfeind College of Business
years at MSU: 4
Have you served on Staff Congress before? Yes
If so, how long did you serve?3 years

The candidate was presented with the following questions. The responses are printed as received and have not been edited by Staff Congress.

1. Why would you like to serve on Staff Congress?
I enjoy being a staff member at MSU and working with the rest of the staff to continue to keep MSU a wonderful place to work. I would like to continue to serve our staff as a member of Staff Congress.

2. Please list work experience and community involvement.
I've worked in the Bauernfiend College of Business since I started at MSU in 2008 immediately after earning my MBA from MSU. I have been on Staff Congress for three years. Each of those years, I've also served on the Faculty and Staff Insurance and Benefits Committee.

Stephanie is a candidate in the At-Large category.