Debbie Plummer
Biological Sciences
years at MSU: 10
Have you served on Staff Congress before? Yes
If so, how long did you serve?9 years

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1. Why would you like to serve on Staff Congress?
I have served three complete terms on Staff Congress since returning to Murray State. I have also served on Staff Congress during my previous employment at MSU 1985-1996. I am chair of the Marie Jones Textbook Scholarship. I serve on several committees: Personnel Policies/Benefits and the University wide committees: Faculty/Staff Insurance & Benefits which I am on several sub committees.

2. Please list work experience and community involvement.
I am currently serving as the treasurer of Staff Congress. I have worked in the Biological Sciences for ten years. I love working on Staff Congress. I think it is important that staff have a voice, and if I can help bring that voice to Staff Congress it makes me feel good a working here at MSU. So I would appreciate your vote.

Debbie is a candidate in the Secretarial/Clerical category.