Dr. J. Ricky Cox

What are Chemidoodles? 

Chemidoodles are highly visual notes (sketchnotes) that convey information about topics in chemistry and biochemistry.  I was inspired to make these notes by Mike Rohde and Sunni Brown (see links below), who have raised awareness of the educational value of sketchnoting and doodling.  In my opinion, students need to learn to make these types of notes to help them organize, integrate and remember important facts and probelm-solving strategies.  I am currently working on ways to incorporate these types of note-taking strategies into my chemistry and biochemistry courses.  If you make chemistry-related sketches or doodles, please contact me and lets collaborate!



Gas Laws

Some Sketchnoting/Visual Thinking Resources:

Mike Rohde Blog
*Sketchnote Handbook

Sunni Brown
*The Doodle Revolution (new book)

Sketchnote Army

Sketchnote Skill Builder

Chris Spalton (Why Sketchnote?)

Rachel Smith (examples)

Ben Norris (examples)

Doug Neill (Educator's Guide to Sketchnoting)

Cassie McDaniel

Dan Roam


Amanda Lyons

Jeannel King