About this issue


We are happy to present Volume 3 of the Journal of Kentucky Archaeology, a combined issue (Numbers 1 and 2).  The issue includes a paper by Christopher Baas and Darrin Rubino, on dendrochonological dating of historic barns in Kentucky, with useful background on hay press barns.  Dendrochronology in the Mid-South region and in American historical archaeology is fairly rare, so their paper is a welcome contribution.  Also welcome are two papers by Andrew Bradbury and Rich Herndon on western Kentucky Mississippian sites, one a long-known but little-studied mound site (Canton), the other a non-mound domestic site, of which there are few well-reported instances.  The non-mound Mississippian desperately needs more attention.

As does the rest of the archaeological record in Kentucky, so we encourage more submissions from throughout the Commonwealth.  Volume 4 is open for contributions.  We have tentative plans for papers for a Fall Volume 4 (1), but plenty of room for more.

Finally, we say good-bye to Associate Editor Lara Homsey-Messer, who has announced plans to take a faculty position outside of Kentucky.  We appreciate her contributions as editor and contributor to the Journal, to Kentucky archaeology, and to training the upcoming generation of archaeologists.

—Kit W. Wesler, Corresponding Editor




Contributors to this issue:

Christopher Baas, Ball State University, Department of Landscape Architecture, Muncie, IN 47304

Andrew P. Bradbury, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., Lexington, Kentucky 40508

Richard L. Herndon, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., Mt. Vernon, IL 62864-0744

Darrin L. Rubino, Hanover College, Biology Department, Hanover, IN 47243


Journal of Kentucky Archaeology 3(1-2):1, Spring 2014