Final Exam Essay Question
Spring 2008


HUM 211-13 (Prof. Helton)

HUM 211-16 (Prof. Helton)

HUM 212-03 (Prof. Crofton)

HUM 212-04 (Prof. Crofton)

[Students in all other sections may expect to receive their question from their professors.]

Compose a multi-paragraph essay that addresses all of the following in responding to the prompt below. The average length for such an essay is approximately 400-600 words. Plan to spend one (1) hour on the essay being careful to:

  1. Provide a clear and precise thesis that addresses and answers the question;
  2. Use three or more works read or discussed in this course as examples to support your thesis;
  3. Include both literary and philosophical works in your supporting examples;
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with works from more than one culture in your response; and
  5. Provide adequate detail and explanation of each of the works cited to support your thesis.

What defines community, and what values are crucial in holding a community together?

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