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           Addresses       Resume       In Memory of 9/11/01

Philosophy of Teaching             Philosophy of Government       Veterans' Day           July 4

Requiem for a Heavyweight: A Tribute to Ronald Reagan




Philosophy of Life: Eruditio et Religio  (the motto of Duke University)

Insightful Quotes

Courses and Syllabi

The American Flag   George Will

Great Books of the Western World           The History Place

Middle East Media Research Institute  National World War II Memorial

Cooperative Center for Study Abroad    The Federalist

History Channel Traveler      Findlaw Internet Legal Resources

On the Nature of Good Citizenship in a Democratic Society   Governing

Memo to Freshmen On a Successful College Career    Plagiarism

Yahoo's Government and Politics Search Engine         Government Executive

How to Take Essay Exams        Political Science Research Resources

Tips on Good Writing         Political Science Internet Resources

The Center for Public Integrity  Evaluating Web Resources

National Political Index                        Citation Guide for Internet Resources

Comprehensive Proficiency Examination                          The Bill of No Rights

The Worst, the Most Unusual, and the Best     Departmental Homepage

Internships in Washington, D. C.           Job Hunters:  See Links Under POL 575

The Ultimate Government Guide       Carroll's Government Charts and Directories

PoliSci.com                               Life House

Zeta Phi Chapter, Pi Sigma Alpha         Murray State College Republicans


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