Subject:   Success in college

Date:        August 20, 2014

To:            Freshmen

From:       Winfield H. Rose, Professor of Political Science

The suggestions below are offered to you in the hope they will help you have a successful college career.  Please consider them.

      Be a winner - READ!  Reading a daily newspaper is a great way to open your eyes and expand
                     your horizons.  Every time you pick one up, you're improving your chances of doing well in
                     school, in work, and in life.  Reading gives you the knowledge to compete and the confidence
                     to succeed, and that makes you a winner in any league!

This is a good quote.  Students of political science and sociology study not only the past but the present and the future.  They study not only to know but, more importantly, to understand.  You do not live in isolation; there is a great big world out there and what happens in it is important.  Newspapers provide information and "op-ed" editorials and columns provide explanations and interpretations.  So, read and learn something new every day.  Make something of yourself.  It's your life and your future!

Excellence is a habit, not an act.