Did You Give Him A Lift?


Did you give him a lift? He's a brother of man,
And bearing about all the burden he can.
Did you give him a smile? He was downcast and blue,
And the smile would have helped him to battle it through.
Did you give him your hand? He was slipping down hill,
And the world, so I fancied, was using him ill.
Did you give him a word? Did you show him the road?
Or did you just let him go on with his load?
Do you know what it means to be losing the fight,
When a lift just in time might set everything right?
Do you know what it means - just a clasp of a hand,
When a man's borne about all a man ought to stand?
Did you ask what it was - why the quivering lip?
Why the half-suppressed sob, and the scalding tear's drip?
Were you brother of his when the time came of need?
Did you offer to help him or didn't you heed?