Reasearch Project Proposal Guidelines

You are required to complete an individual project and give a presentation in this class.  Your project may involve writing a program, or it may be a book review or a research paper.  As part of your project grade you must submit a proposal describing your topic and planned activities. Please use the following format for your project proposal.

Your Name:

Project Title:

Give a brief overview of your topic. (2 or 3 sentences)

Importance: Explain why this topic is important, in the context of legal, ethical or professional issues of computing. (1/2 page)

Project Activity:  Describe what you will be doing in the project.  If your project involves a computer program, state whether you are making a demonstration of an existing program, modifying a program or implementing a new algorithm.  If your project is a research paper, clearly define the scope of your research. (<=1 page)

Anticipated Results:  If your project involves a computer simulation, describe the expected results of execution. If it is a graphical demonstration program, sketch and label the layout of the display.  If your project is a book review or research paper, describe what you expect to learn from this project. (<=1 page)

Useful Resourses: Include any URL's and/or bibliographic citations of  useful information that you have referred to as you have developed this proposal.