CSC 540
Social, Ethical, and Professional Issues

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Association for Computing Machinery Resources:      ACM Technews      ACM CareerNews

MSU Library Guide for Computer Science

MSU Library Bibliography and Plagiarism Resources

Tutorial at Acadia University "You Quote it, You Note it" 

Plagiarism Videos & Quiz from Rutgers University

Pamphlets from Indiana University available here (HTML and PDF)

Team Proposal Guidelines   (Proposal Due 2/27/14)

Team Topics, Presentation Schedule, Exam Questions   Team Presentation Evaluation Form   Peer Evaluation Form   Sample Question Format

Individual Research Proposal Guidelines   (Proposal Due 3/11/2014)

We will spend February 27 and March 4 learning about Extreme Programming and engaging in a class exercise as teams of developers and customers. You should read about the Extreme Programming process at  There is a companion website at  Please  complete the readings on both of these sites by following the trail of "XP' buttons  and the trail of "Next" buttons.  Many of the pages are the same in both trails.

Plan for the Remainder of the Semester

Data Brokers

Individual Presentation Schedule with links to Papers, Slides, and Exam Questions   Oral Presentation Evaluation Form

Grades prior to the Final Exam

Final Grades

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