CSC 530
Writing a Proposal for your Project

You are required to complete a software project and give a presentation of it in this class. As part of your course grade (5%) you are to submit a proposal describing your planned software project. Please use the following format for your project proposal.

Project Title:

Your Name:

Introduction: Give a brief overview of your project. (1 paragraph)

Importance: Explain why this project is significant. (<= ½ page)

Project Activity: Describe what you will be doing in the project: Include the expected functionality of the program and any planned limitations. (What will the program be able to do for its users? What will it not be able to do? ) Include a discussion of the networking and/or database components of the project. What software tools do you plan to use to implement the user interface component of your project? What software tools do you plan to use to implement the 'back end' components of your project? (<= 1 page)

Target Market:  Provide a description of your intended users.  What are their skills, weaknesses, expectations?  How will they use your product?  How does your project design meet these needs? (<= ½ page)

Useful Resourses: Include any URL's and/or bibliographic citations of useful information that you have referred to as you have developed this proposal and planned your project up to this point.