CSC 530
Computer User Interface Development

Course Syllabus (PDF)

CSC 430 Web Page from Fall 2013

Project Proposal Guidelines    Proposal due on Tuesday, January 21    Sample proposal

The poster session will be on Saturday, April 12, as part of the CSIS Awards Banquet.  This will be held in the Curris Center Ballroom.

Poster Guidelines      Poster Evaluation Form

Jessica Lott suggests:   Poster Do's and Don'ts

Project Deliverables

Project Documentation

Presentation Evaluation Form         Project Evaluation Form

User Stories and Task Lists (See Chapter 4 in Head First Software Development) are due to me by Tuesday 2/11.

We will meet again on Tuesday, 2/25, for a "Show and Tell" session.

We will meet again on Tuesday, 3/11, for another "Show and Tell" session (Weather permitting).

We will meet again on Tuesday, 3/25, for another "Show and Tell" session.  There is a possibility that we may meet on 3/27 with representatives from CAT Financial.

Project Presentation Schedule

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