CSC 530
Project Deliverables

At the end of the course you should submit the following items to be graded:

Documentation:  See Documentation Guidelines.

Source Code:  Include all of the source code necessary to build your project from source.  Ensure that your code is annotated so that any code that you have obtained from another source or have modified from some other source is clearly indicated by comments within your code and a separate README file, if necessary.  Many of you have used Visual Studio, so that all you may have to do is provide me with a (zipped) copy of your project folder.  Be sure that any necessary databases are included, along with DBMS support requirements and instructions.

Installation and Configuration Instructions:  Provide an installer and other instructions to fully install and configure your project to run on another machine.  This should include any library or database dependencies.  For example, if your project requires the 'foo.dll' available for download from '', either provide the file(s) and/or clear instructions on how to obtain and install them.  Likewise, if your project requires a MySQL user named 'joe' and a database named 'all_my_data', provide instructions for installing and configuring MySQL appropriately.  Again, if you have used Visual Studio, this should be easy to create.  Remember that I need to be able to execute your project in order to grade it.

All of this can be burned onto a CD, placed on a USB drive (not to be returned), or copied to a floppy disk (do people still use those?).

Virtual Machine or URL:  Install your project on a virtual machine or provide me a URL to your project so that I can evaluate all your work.