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Git Web Site    Git RefCard (PDF)

DZone: Conversational Git, The friendly Introduction to Git

Git Textbook:   Pro Git

Git tools for Windows:   TortoiseGit Page   Git Extensions Page  SourceTree

Can you accomplish each of these tasks in Git?  Necessary Git Skills

Tony Hagerty's links:   Git-Guide    Git - Tutorial    Git Reference Site    Getting Git Right

Kyle Young's link:   Try Git

Kevin Taylor's link:   Learn Git

Useful Version Control related links from two Fall 2012 CSC 430 Students

From Josh Clifford:
This link I found to be extremely helpful. It helps explain Git in a very informal, colloquial manner. It starts by explaining graphs and then relates graph theory to the concepts in Git.
A mixture of different Git resources such as a cheat sheet, beginners guide, screencaps, behind the scenes looks, etc.

From  Michael Holt:
Source code version control with Concurrent Versions System (CVS)
Introduction to source control using centralized version control tools
A visual guide to version control

Useful Version Control related links from Fall 2013 CSC 430 Students

From Matt Carson:
An excellent source for beginners with no ideas on Git. It is very reader friendly and doesn’t have the long drawn out explanations, but instead, uses easy to understand comments to explain what is going on.
This video is roughly an hour, however, it covers everything from the installation of Git on both Windows and Mac, why you should use it, various examples of codes, client applications, and even the various services offered through Git like GitHub or Beanstalk.
Comparison argument of version control software

From Aaron Clark:
Offers a brief overview of most all known available revision control software.
The first in a series about how to use Git.
Video for tutorial on using TortoiseSVN
Written tutortial on the usage of TortoiseSVN in windows.

From Parks Frazier:
-Some Git tutorials for beginners
-More helpful Git tutorials

From Jennifer Gross:
Personally, I love I have had a membership with them for a few years and watch as many videos as I can on their site. These videos literally walk you through everything you can possibly want to do with Git.
What I enjoyed about this document was that it was different than all the other sources I found on Git. The fact that this source started with explaining concepts in context with other concepts that I already knew was welcoming, rather than immediately throwing code at me to wade through. Also, it was surprisingly sort in comparison to other sources that I found on this topic.
Overview of what is version control

From MiGyeong Gwak:
(A brief explanation of version control and guidance for a practice by University of Glasgow)
(This is a version control part in the book of “Producing Open Source Software.”)

From Jerad Hobgood:
This is a great source for knowing what git is and how it works.
The man tends to get off track and can be hard to follow but is can help a beginner learn what git is.
Helps getting git setup and getting started using git for the first time. is a great place to learn about so many great things. this link is about GitHub in all its glory.

From William Holt:

Simple Git (This has saved my bacon many times!) -
A handy Mercurial Tutorial (some say it’s better than git!) -

From Emilee King:
10 git tutorials for beginners

From Jinbo Lin:

This video talks about the concept of version control.
This is the next episode of last video, in this video he use Git as example to demonstrate how version control system works. And he use his code to show you the function of almost all git command.
A visual guide to Version Control System.

From Keith Neer:
    This link explains how to use Subversion from installing it to using the basic features.

From Xulong Peng:

//1. This website has summary of version control and good for beginner to know the basic concepts:

//2. this article outlines the fundamentals of version control. I really like it, clear and neat.

//3. This review article introduces several top open-source version control systems and tools.
//Good reference as it has reference links after each VCS tool!

//4. eBook on Git, free download!

//5. this is a good website shows details how to use Git.

//6. This is from NetBeans about versional control: CVS, Subversion, Mercurial and ClearCase

From Tyler Roberts:
Learning the basics of GitHub (1 hour long)

From Wissem Zrelli:
Importance and basic concepts of version control systems
Advantages of Github and its impact on the whole society