CSC 430

Useful Test Driven Development Links:

Wikipedia Article

TDD introduction on

Powerpoint slides of "The Prime Factors Kata" 

Video of Bob Martin discussing The Prime Factors Kata

Note copied from WikipediaCode Kata is a term coined by Dave Thomas, co-author of the book The Pragmatic Programmer, in a bow to the Japanese concept of kata in the martial arts. A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition. As of October 2011, Dave Thomas has published 21 different katas.

PowerPoint slides of the "Bowling Game Kata"

Pair Programming of the Bowling Game

Test Driven Design Lecture slides from Dr. Kenneth Anderson, University of Colorado at Boulder. Includes a good overview as well as two good examples.

NetBeans and JUnit Tutorial

DZone:  Top 10 TDD Resources, TDD Checklist Expansion Pack

DZone:  The Basics of Test Driven Development

DZone:  Unit Testing with Martin Fowler

DZone:  TDD via Tic-Tac-Toe

Useful TDD related links from Fall 2012 CSC 430 Students

From Jason Clark:
This is a nice powerpoint presentation on TDD.
This is a nice powerpoint presentation on TDD.

From Kurt Ladendorf:
-  TDD in Java in the Eclipse environment.

From Michael Owen:
     The most useful thing I've found!  Very informative and very useful!  Highly recommended!  Talks about the importance of Unit Testing.
     Good information about how to implement unit testing.
     Good introduction to TDD.

From Demis Harper: contains a very good example and explanation of a unit test -- Out of all the material we covered, I felt I grasped unit testing the least.  I mean I understand what it is, why it is, and how to do self contained tests in the small, but I feel like there's something I can't put my finger on I don't grasp.  The book has good reviews and is supposed to have great examples in it.

From Jessica Lott:

Interesting blog on Unit Testing:

I have used code project tutorials several times to learn new subjects. Here is one of their tutorials on writing your first unit test:

9.) Jeff Atwood is just a fun guy to learn from. Here is some more on Unit Testing:

From Josh Clifford:
A walkthrough for creating and running unit tests for managed code in C#.
Cheat sheets for both Clean Code and TDD.

From Conal Green:

A TDD Problem Repository... it has good ideas, but possesses no resources for pursuing them. However, they may be handy in developing labs, or for students to pick from on their own.

This is a neat lab/kata, and it has a video solution in eclipse/LamdaJ (terribly fuzzy), and another for NetBeans, the Video Solution for which is found at:
<> (use HD for goodness sake, or you can't read a thing!)

A full lab assignment emphasizing TDD, but also ustilising a software development approach, as it is team based. You could use it part-and-parcel, or adapt it as you see fit. Oh, and its linked lists, which is always good.

Another TDD exercise, this time implementing the game "Go". As it stands, it is an example, but it seems it was and possibly again could be a Lab, and might be used as the template for a custom Lab.

Useful TDD related links from Fall 2013 CSC 430 Students

From Matt Carson:
Presentation by Steve Freeman about TDD: How Do We Know When We’re Done
Programming Katas, this is a series. Solutions are available in the comments.
Code Kata practice using TDD.
Lets Play” Video of TDD
Palindrome checker via TDD. Has a little bit of static, but is still understandable.

From Aaron Clark:
This blog offers a viewpoint that most coding Katas are not useful, as they are just repetative.
A list of Coding Katas for those who wish to try them appropriatley.

From Jennifer Gross:
This page contains several TDD practice problems.
Kata practices
Agile Academy’s Agile in Practice: Test Driven Development.
3-hour tutorial on TDD.

From MiGyeong Gwak:
(This is a tutorial for unit testing with JUnit. It includes how to run JUnit tests in Eclipse Environment.)

From Jerad Hobgood:
Great if you like a simple written instructions on juit testing.
this is a two part video, the speaker is a little dry but is great for learning about junit testing.(help me alot).
This is a good short intro about TTD. The code samples use PHP.

From William Holt:

Extreme Programming and a Simple TDD Introduction -

From Emilee King:
Test Driven Design by Example
This is really cool, this is an online course on TDD.

From Jinbo Lin:
this website contains every single topic of JUnit, and they provide code sample for every topic. Cons: too much details in all topics.
This video was uploaded 3 years ago. Although this is old technology, indeed this person use notepad to wrote the program instead of using IDE, this video still provide a clear view of JUnit.

From Keith Neer:
     A walk-through tutorial of JUnit testing in Eclipse.
     This link is an introductory tutorial for JUnit.

From XuLong Peng:

a good site for introducing TDD: What is TDD, Why use TDD and How to use.

Good slides show for TDD tutorial!

12 Unit Testing Tips for Software Engineers

How to write good unit tests

From Tyler Roberts:
Site for using code kata's
Another site to practice code kata's
Robert C Martin's bowling game kata
Introduction to test driven development
Intro to Learning TDD