CSC 430

Useful Design Pattern Links from Fall 2013 CSC 430 students

From Matt Carson:
Information on design patterns with java understandings.

From Aaron Clark:
This blog suggests not to use design patterns, as people get too dug into them, and aren't true software engineers.
This talks about the root cause of singletons, which they call an "anti" pattern, and why Singletons are bad.

From Parks Frazier:
-good powerpoint on design patterns and more coding practices

From Jennifer Gross:
There was too much information on this site for me to just choose a few. This site has information on both Clean Code and Design Patterns, including videos, pdfs, presentations, and downloadable code. Jeremy is very clear, thorough and easy to understand. This was probably my most visited site during this semester.
Extensive list of design patterns with code examples.
Video examples of design patterns in java.

From MeYeong Gwak:
(This is a nice and simple beginner’s guide to design patterns. It will be good for preview on design patter textbook.)
(This is a good resource to learn design patterns in Java. There are a quick guide, useful resources, and a tutorial.)
(It explains the singleton design pattern through the Microsoft .NET framework.)

From Jerad Hobgood:
This is one of many in the series about Design patterns. this video is just saying what is a design pattern. there are many other videos about different patterns.
This is .Net Design patterns. on the page is just a list of links of design patterns click them and will be taken to a tutorial of that pattern

From  Emilee King:
We've been over design patterns, here's a guide on Anti-patterns
Beginner's Guide to Design patterns. It gives examples of design patterns and how to use them

From Jinbo Lin:
  1. Strategy Pattern

This video demonstrate the concept of strategy pattern. He explained this concept very well in his presentation. Cons: no captions in this video.

  1. Strategy Pattern

Last link talks about the concept of strategy pattern and the condition it fit, so this video demonstrate the pattern by the sample code. Also, he provide his codes which people can download for the entire project.

  1. Design Pattern

This book talks about the design pattern in Javascrpit.

From Jason Mallory:
(1)  Quick explanations with examples for template method, strategy, factory method, abstract factory, facade, and command patterns

(2)  Short post on why you should learn and use design patterns.

(3)  Game development patterns focused on solving specific game related problems.
 Main page
 Main listing of pattern articles

(4)   Similar to (3).

From  Xulong Peng:
//9. Good site introduces Design Patterns and including
//Principles, Creational/Behavioral/Structural Patterns as well as Forum!

//10. This site introduces Design Patterns and Refactoring

//11. Java Design Patterns

//16. This is from MSDN for patterns and practices.

From  Wissem Zrelli:
A series of video tutorials about Design Patterns
Design Patterns:  Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software:  A book for those who want o understand Object Oriented Design Patterns