CSC 415 -- Programming Languages

Fall 2014

Course Syllabus (PDF)

Research Project & Presentation  (PDF)

A Sample Paper on PL/I  (MS Word Format)    Sample Presentation Slides:    COBOL    FORTRAN 77

Possible Language Choices

Enjoy  "99 Bottles of Beer" in 1,500 different Programming Languages and Variations!

MSU Library Guide for Computer Science   MSU Library Guide for CSC 415

Some additional information about plagiarism:

Tutorial at Acadia University "You Quote it, You Note it" 

MSU Library Bibliography and Plagiarism Resources

Tentative Schedule for Fall 2014 (as of 10/9/2014)

Homework Assignment #1   Due 9/11/2014

Presentation Schedule (with links to papers and slides)  
Presentation Evaluation Form

Mid-Semester Exam Study Guide

Homework Assignment #2   Due November 11, 2014

Homework Assignment #3   Due December 2, 2014
    SWI-Prolog Website   SWI-Prolog Editor for Windows (Requires 32 bit version of SWI-Prolog)

Grades as of December 8, 2014

Last Updated on 12/8/2014