CSC 360
Programming Assignment #9
Spring 2015
Due Date: 4/20/2015

1.    Use 'vi' to create a simple text document that contains a short description of each of the following Linux commands:

at df head nice tail
bc dircmp info passwd tar
bzip2 du kill PATH telnet
cal echo less ping top
cat egrep logout ps traceroute
cd exit ls pwd umount
chmod fgrep man rlogin uname
chown file mkdir rm uniq
clear find more rmdir wc
cmp free mount sort whoami
cp ftp mtools commands split zcat
csplit grep mv strings zless
date gzip ncftp su

2. Write a shell script named '' that will determine what type of triangle, if any, is formed by the three integers entered on the command line. The script should provide usage instructions in the event that the input provided is incorrect (fewer that three values, negative values, etc.)

3. Write a shell script named '' that will print all of the prime integers less than or equal to the integer provided on the command line. Usage instructions should be provided in the event that there is no command line parameter provided or the value provided is not positive.  Hint: Write a function named 'is_prime' that returns 0 if its argument is a not a prime integer and 1 if it is a prime.